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Airsoft Gun Reviews, Tips, Tactics, and More!

Electric Tokyo Marui Assault Rifle TYPE89 FPS-315 Bipod Airsoft Gun  

It's a hot day, sweat pouring, and you have been patiently waiting...

It's deathly quiet.

Though your eyes are securely shielded, you can still see the tree leaves swaying and feel the grass mildly swishing about - yet all you can really hear is the wind blowing and your heart beating at your ear drums.

Then suddenly - without any warning - RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT!!!

A blast fires! But from where?!

All at once there is commotion, the thudded sound of heavy pounding feet approaching your way.

Looking upward, the sky suddenly delivers an immediate of splattering of an entity which pours down hard on the leaves, debris, and ground before you.

Within this heart-pounding and mind-blowing excitement, you hear your comrade yelling, "Run! We're under attack! We have been ambushed!"

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

And this excitement is exactly what playing Airsoft is all about! The thrill of the hunt and the heart pounding 'fear' that comes from being hunted.

Welcome to Airsoft Gun Dome - Your Resource for Airsoft Guns Reviews, Tips, and Information!

Are you here at this site because you have either recently:


No matter what your goals are for visiting our Airsoft Gun Dome website, we will show you the reasonings for these fascinations!

We have (and update) hand-written reviews on the best (and the worst), the newest, and the latest beginner Airsoft guns , accessories and supplies.

We have the answers to your burning questions (that you may have felt sheepish asking elsewhere)!


After reviewing all that we have to offer - you will:


So stick around, read up, and gain a greater knowledge of Airsoft guns and game play than you could have ever imagined! That's your goal!

You will be ready to start your own Airsoft team, man your own games, learn how to find and set up Airsoft fields, etc.

Are you a concerned parent? Rest easier! You will also be ready to help your teen son or daughter make the right choices in their Airsoft decisions!

Once you get started, and find that you love it as much as we do - it just might become a regular and joyous pursuit for you also!


So let's get started on your Airsoft journey!

What IS Airsoft?

Gas, Electric, or Spring?

Airsoft Games


Win! Really! If you search throughout this site, you will notice airsoft contests, and places/pages to brag about your Airsoft guns and/or equipment.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Looking forward to hearing from you..

Airsoft Dome Team -

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