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Basic troubleshooting for Airsoft Gas & AEG's

Read your users manual carefully before utilizing. All Gas Airsoft Guns and AEG's operate differently, so you need to read to learn specifically about yours.

After you finish playing, take out the magazine from the airsoft gun. Switch over to "single shot mode"; this will release the mechbox's spring. Disconnect the battery. Clean your AEG thoroughly and lubricate it before you place it in storage, if necessary.

Gas operated pistol basic troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a pressing trigger with no response?

  1. Inspect the motor to see if it has overheated. Let your unit to cool off when you suspect the motor has overheated. If the motor hasn't overheated, replace the battery with a fully charged one. If you can hear fainting or humming noises, immediately disconnect your battery. This is to prevent more damage from occuring.

  2. If the motor diagnostic results turned up negative (motor is dead), check the battery and motor connection. It would be recommended to check the fuse to see if happened to burn out.

  3. If the results from step 2 are still showing that your motor is still dead, the AEG could have experienced additional problems. Time to head for the shop!

Troubleshooting for a Jammed BB in AEG's

Use the tools for unjamming that were included with your airsoft gun. Put it inside the barrel and push it gently until the BB becomes loose. Side Note: The barrel doesn't have to be removed from your airsoft gun before you unjam the BB.

Reverse the unjamming tool and attach a strip of clean cloth, spray lubricant onto the cloth. Insert the cloth into the barrel to clear any dirt or dust. Spray silicone inside the barrel and wipe all dirt and any other residue you have found one last time.

Never use poor quality BB's. It would be highly recommended to not use poor quality BB's, especially in tight bore barrels.

If your AEG is till not firing or feeding then you may have a problem on the inside of it. If you don't have much experience in this or you have no idea how to repair it, you will want to take it to a local dealer or send it to someone how knows how to repair it.

Proper usage of AEG's - Auto Electric Guns

Excessive firing in one long burst(s), could cause wear and tear inside the gearbox.

Do not push the trigger sideways, just squeeze the trigger straight back. Pushing it sideways will cause damage to the gearbox. Firing in bursts is generally better for the gearbox.

After you finishing playing, always put AEG in safe mode.

Never overcharge the battery. Over charged batteries can and will reduce the battery's life! Over charged batteries can also damage the battery.

When having an airsoft gun, especially electric airsoft guns, we tend to have minor problems. Many airsofters are lost when it comes to how to troubleshoot their AEG's.

Always follow each step carefully when you are faced with a problem. Proper maintenance will ensure your airsoft gun will have a longer shelf life!


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