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Airsoft Guns - Which BB's should we use?

Anybody can go out and purchase a BB gun and some BBs, but what they don't know is that sooner or later these people are going to have problems with the BBs!

Let's say for instance you have purchased a relatively cheap BB gun. Now what happens is that the company that manufactures these guns inserts the same booklets into all the packages. This is a money saving idea.

The booklet might tell you to use 0.2 gram BB pellets. This instruction you will find in nearly every airsoft BB gun booklet.

Which Type of Airsoft Gram Pellets Should I Buy?

You should use 0.12 gram pellets for these guns. For fps (feet per second), range and accuracy you will notice the 0.2s will decrease the gun's potential, the overall range and power.

With the 0.12s, accuracy, range and fps will increase. When people notice that they are very accurate with a specific BB gun, it is not only the gun that accomplishes this, but the BB plays an important part too.

The 0.2 gram BBs can be used in mid-priced spring rifles and sniper rifles. If you have a gun with a range of 50-160, consider using 0.23s.

If you are using a higher-price AEG, this all depends what you consider putting in the gun. Higher-priced guns will most of the time be upgraded, and this is mostly because the potential to do it is there!

Remember that it is not the spring that is responsible for range; it is the tightbore. If you do not know what a tightbore is, it is located inside the barrel. This little metal piece is responsible for directing the BBs and its flight.

You should however, know your gun from its inside out, just to make sure that you are responsible and you know what to do with the gun. Even though they are only BB guns they can still be dangerous if not used correctly.

Even though many people think that loading their airsoft guns with any BB bullets will be fine, it is actually not such a wise idea.

Airsoft Pellets - Finding the Sure Shot

There are certain bullets for the different types of guns and you should stick to the types that are recommended for you to use.

If you find one type of Airsoft ammo that shoots better from your gun and you are sure that it is causing no damage, you can stick with that one, but please be sure not to change bullet types all the time.

After a few months, your gun may not perform as it should. Stick to one type of bullet and don't change it unless you have to.

Airsoft is a fun game if it is played properly. You have to be responsible and know how to play the game and handle the gun. You also should be wearing the appropriate gear.

You cannot (or should not) go onto the field if you are not properly equipped! The most important part of your gear is the eye protection and a helmet.

Your Airsoft protection goggles should be ones especially made for Airsoft as other goggle types may not be able to stop a BB bullet.