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Airsoft Beginner in need of help.

by Chris

Double Eagle M56 - Clone of Tokyo Marui

Double Eagle M56 - Clone of Tokyo Marui

Hi there,

I am a total newbie to airsoft, and could really do with some advice from someone who knows what there doing.

I would like to play airsoft in my garden, I have a large garden with hill walls fences and trees, I have a watch post buit in some trees and am going to be making a small pillbox oppisit. the space in between is routhly 20ft. Anyway, The players would be no more than 4, 2 aside teams ect.

What guns do you sugesst to use, obviously I don't want anything to powerfull.(All of the players will be wearing full militery gear, face masks, helmits.

thanks for any help,


Answer provided by AirsoftGunDome below

"Hi Chris, twenty (20) feet isn't really a lot of space for a game of Airsoft.

I'd certainly recommend you stick to pistols and shotguns for that kind of game.

AEGs would lead to a lot of overkill and generally make your game less challenging.

There are lots of spring shotties on the market and most fire a single BB in the manner of a regular spring gun.

Most of them are perfectly serviceable (if sometimes unreliable) but there's nothing to set them apart from a pistol except their look.

Double Eagle have cloned Tokyo Marui's tri-shot M3 shorty with their M56
. This gun fires three shots at once from three separate barrels and packs a bit more punch than a regular pistol - it's definitely the one I'd recommend.

As for a pistol, there's lots to choose from. Gas blowback (GBB) Airsoft pistols are great fun and the most realistic but they can be pricey for people starting out.

I'll always recommend the KWA Glock guns as brilliant starter pistols, but they're sadly out of productions now.

The HFC M9 is one of the cheapest gas pistols on the market, and while it isn't the most brilliant one available, it'll do a good job.

Another option would be electric pistols - AEPs. Electric pistols are often cheaper to buy and run than gas pistols and require less maintenance.

The Cyma 030 AEP (Glock 18) is a perfect beginner gun. It's relatively inexpensive and gives good performance and reliability (for an AEP)."

Hope this helps!

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i need help
by: patrick

hi wear can i find airsoft feilds please help

Thankyou very much
by: Chris Gooderham

Thanks very much for your help and advice. Now I know which guns to buy and which ones not to buy!



Great info for beginner!
by: Mikey

I appreciate this info also! Thank you very much for your help and time!


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