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Airsoft Bunkers and Forts - Take Your Airsoft Game to the Next Level

Picture of an Airsoft Bunker in the dirt ground with door in the middle

If you are just getting into Airsoft for the first time, chances are that you don't know this: a real Airsoft aficionado has to have everything.

Anybody who has been playing the game for any amount of time can attest to this fact, however!


As humans, when we get involved in something exciting that we enjoy, it is easy to get really involved with collecting things to enhance our experience.

This is just how it is with Airsoft, and many veterans spend countless hours and dollars to enhance their Airsoft experience.


Photo of Airsoft Bunker side building with sniper waitingAdding to your arsenal and making improvements to Airsoft fields are just a couple of many things that a person might do to make the game more fun for themselves.

Airsoft bunkers and forts are an integral part of the Airsoft experience.

When just learning the ropes of Airsoft, learning to deal with obstacles like bunkers and forts may be a bit too much.

As players advance into play and begin to deal with actual Airsoft military simulation games, bunkers and forts are an imperative part of play.

When it comes to historical reenactments, a way that many people utilize their Airsoft passion, bunkers and forts are of the essence.

Airsoft Bunkers

One of the most common types of Airsoft bunkers are those that are dug into the ground.

These are shelters that are built in the ground, and the first step in assembling or bulding one of these bunkers is digging a hole - and a big one.

For those teams that do have their own dedicated space to play, Airsoft bunkers can be well-made and installed, and they can add another realistic element to play that would actually be present in real-life situations.

Picture of an Airsoft bunker or fort made in cement with a thick rock door swinging open

Many players work together to build bunkers. These can be lined with wood at the bottom. Many professional Airsoft fields have bunkers that are lined with cement on the bottom, but this is not always the case.

Grass or dirt are also popular options, but are usually used for those bunkers that are not designed to last as long, such as those created by teams just hanging out to play Airsoft for the weekend.

Airsoft Forts

Picture of an Airsoft fort shaped like a hut which is portable and easy to move around for skirmishing.Airsoft forts are a much less permanent structure in Airsoft play.

Many players can make use of portable Airsoft forts.

They can be folded down or disassembled and transferred to and from Airsoft game play locations.

Much like a portable ice hut, they can be moved to a field before play. Depending on the size of the fort, it may take one to four people to help properly assemble an Airsoft fort at the field.

Photo of Airsoft game players hiding behind a fort made from bags stacked upon each other.

Airsoft forts and bunkers are an integral part of competitive Airsoft player. Just as other accessories enhance the Airsoft experience, such is the case with forts and bunkers.

They both have their advantages, but at least one is recommended for evasive, competitive play.










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