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Airsoft CQB Loadout & Gear

This is not a picture of a gun, this is my typical CQB loadout for summer. My primary is a G&G Combat Machine with a Matrix 1x40 red/green dot scope.

Internally I have a Madbull 6.03mm tight bore barrel, and a Classic Army high torque motor. On my back is a DE tri-shot shotgun. Nothing special.

My rig is made of a Condor battle belt, Condor H-harness, Condor triple open top M4 mag pouch where I keep three of my MAG 130 M4 midcaps, a Condor triple M4 mag pouch where I keep two more midcaps and my pride and joy, my Airsoft Innovations tornado grenade.

On my belt I also have a Condor roll out dump pouch and a Condor shotgun scabbard mounted to my back. For my face I have the Xpower goggles, a Matrix Iron face stryker gen 1 and a simple hat.

Hope you guys like the pic!

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CQB loadout examination, opinion, and constructive criticism
by: Anonymous

CQB combat it my case has always been manuverability, speed, and execution. your selected loadout appears light but dis jointed. to me i wouldnt feel id have the effectiveness of a quick and fluent loadout with six M-4 mag pouches that appear to dangle off your waist.

2. the gun of choice doesn't seem like it would corner well... it would expose you and ultimately be a liability to CQB i was taught to stay light and compact as well as fast and aggressive when necessary and know when to shoot and when not to.

but in the end its all personal preferences and opinions which i can respect. i just wanted to give constructive criticism but other than what i stated. its a good loadout

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