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The Desert Eagle Weapon and Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are often based on the design of weapons that were either very popular or had somewhat of a cult following. In many respects, the Desert Eagle revolver falls into the latter category.

The weapon was never a popular handgun in terms of sales, but it did have a number of firearm experts that felt it was a reliable weapon.

Originally devised by Magnum Research, this was a unique gas powered large bore weapon that was considered valuable for certain military uses.

The gun does maintain a very unique look and design and that is why it should come as no surprise it is popular as an airsoft gun.

The Airsoft Version of a Desert Eagle

The way Desert Eagle airsoft guns work is not very much different than the way other similar airsoft guns operate. The weapons are powered by either an electric, gas, or air pressure system that projects plastic pellets through the muzzle of the gun.

The design of a Desert Eagle airsoft gun is crafted in such a way that it follows the design of the real thing to the minutest detail. That allows the gun to maintain the same accuracy of the real thing or, at least, as close to it as possible.

Desert Eagle Airsoft Pros and Cons

One thing that needs to be understood about large bore weapons is that they are intended to deliver a large caliber bullet.

With airsoft guns, this is obviously not the case since the guns are intended to fire plastic pellets. However, the size of the airsoft gun is identical to the size of a real life version of the Desert Eagle.

For many gamers, this is a positive thing since they have a preference for such oversized weapons. However, there are certain problems with a large bore revolver. Namely, the size of the weapon makes it difficult to pull out of its holster or conceal easily.

While these are not deal breakers for many, the fact remains they do present somewhat of a problem for those that would prefer an easier to handle weapon.


Top Brands for Airsoft Desert Eagle Weapons

KWC Desert Eagle 50 Gas Airsoft Long Bar ($130)

This is an excellent gas powered Desert Eagle weapon that comes with a stunning velocity. As such, it is very important to use extreme care when firing this gun.

Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Pistol ($80)

This is a replica of the classic semi-automatic .44 Magnum. When first released, the real semi-auto .44 did not sell very well. However, it has a following among collectors so its presence in the airsoft market is not unexpected.

Desert Eagle .50 - Airsoft Gun - ULTRA/Two Tone ($90)

This weapon is very impressive in its design and the .50 caliber replica model makes it an impressive visual site.

Once again, it is important to mention that the selling point of these guns is the size. This means it will require a knowledgeable hand to use in a game play environment.

As such, a little extra practice may be required to get the hang of it. If this is achieved, Desert Eagle replica guns can make for tremendous strides for play in many game environments.