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Types of Games Played With Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft guns are also known as BB guns. They are replicas of real firearms that are manufactured and created in order to allow people to play games and to collect the guns.

Airsoft guns are not manufactured as weapons, and are not used as such. They are replicas that are used for collection and for game playing. Airsoft guns are mostly manufactured in China, Japan, and the US, although they are made and played with all over the world.

There are many different types of games that are played with Airsoft guns and equipment. In most of the countries where Airsoft guns are popular, there are games that people play to enjoy the guns and to enjoy the time spent with them.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag, also called Capture the Intelligence, is one of the most popular games played with Airsoft equipment. This is a game that has been played for a long time, with or without the Airsoft equipment. It can be played with either - and there are versions of it for paint ball guns, as well as for tag and other types of games.

With Capture the Flag, the flag can either be an actual flag, or a symbolic flag, but it must be something that is physical and can be captured. There are two main versions of Airsoft Capture games - a version with two teams and two flags, and a version with two or more teams and one neutral flag.

When playing capture the flag with Airsoft guns and two teams with two flags, you first divide into teams. Each team then gets a home base, and on that home base, they must put the flag. The flag must be able to be seen, and must be clearly able to be reached.

Then, each team will send members to capture the flag of the other team, while at the same time making sure that they have members who will stay behind and guard their own flag. When playing capture the flag with only one flag, there is only one base with a neutral flag in it, and the team that can capture that flag first wins.

When playing this game with Airsoft, there are many different rules that are used. Sometimes, a player can only be hit once before being out of the game, and sometimes there are different hits that must be taken in order for a player to be out.

The game ends either when a team member has taken the flag of the opponents team or the neutral flag, or when the team member has brought the right flag back to their own base.


Another game played with Airsoft is Milsim. This is a game that is also known as Military Simulation. In this game, there are military live-action role playing elements that are combined with the Airsoft gun play. With these games, there are roles that are assigned to everyone, just like the real army, and there are missions that are undertaken by the people who are playing the various roles.

With the MilSim games, there is no limit to the types of games that can be played, and to what exactly is going on within the games. Sometimes, Milsim games are reenactments, where the Airsoft equipment is used to reenact specific wars or battles.

Othertimes, Airsoft MilSim games are not reenactments, but are games in which teams are chosen, and wars are waged between the teams.

Many times, MilSim games are considered to be way heavy duty and more involved than "simple" capture the flag games. For some of the MilSim games, battles and wars can wage on for many periods of play, and there can be many other elements, such as live action role playing elements that include speaking lines, trading sides, and working for the other team.

The MilSim games can be planned out well in advance, such as in the case of reenactments, or they can be non scripted and can have any outcome. No matter what, MilSim games are the most involved type of Airsoft games.

Historical Recreations

These are a close cousin of the military simulation game. They involve reenacting classic military campaigns from prior engagements. The Civil War and World War II remain the most popular eras for reenactment but really, almost any military engagement can be performed within the context of Airsoft games.

Future Imperfect

In addition to acting out wars of the past, it is not without precedent for players to engage in fantasy scenarios of wars yet to come.

Elimination Rules

This is probably the simplest of all the Airsoft games. Basically, you have a two teams (or more) and whatever member of the team is “shot" will be eliminated. The team that has the last member or members standing will be declared the winner.

The Most Dangerous Game

The classic short story comes to life! Actually, it will often take the form of the aforementioned Rambo concept. Basically, it boils down to an entire team vs. one person. Yes, this may sound like an odd group dynamic at play but it has a certain level of popularity.

Some may have concerns about the safety of playing these particular games.

Since the pellets are made of plastic they do not present a severe risk of injury.

Airsoft Honor System

When playing any type of Airsoft game, it is important to rely on the honor system. This is because, unlike paintball, there is no way for anyone other than the person being hit to tell that they were actually hit. Therefore, players must be honest and must say if they have been hit by the pellets or BBs.

Without an honor system, it can be difficult to make Airsoft games work, because if no one ever admits to being hit, the games cannot proceed as they should. Therefore, it is often necessary to lay down the rules before Airsoft games are played.

Depending on the size and scope of the various Airsoft games you are playing, you might have a judge who watches the action and can make judgments based on who was hit, who is out of the game, or even who has won the game!

For many structured and indoor Airsoft games, a judge is often used, though for many outdoor, unstructured games, the honor system is used and typically no judge is required.