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Airsoft Ghillie Suits and Camo Supplies



Bushman Head and Shoulders Ghillie Suit - Woodland

ghillie suit Bushman Head and Shoulder poster photo

This design of the ghillie suit covers head, shoulders, arms and upper torso. Intended for stalking behind bushes and in shallow water. Comes with the Predator Face Veil.
Weight: 7 lbs

Woodland Pattern


Yours for $99.99



Bow Hunter Ghillie Suit Medium-Large Left Handed Mossy

airsoft ghillie suit camouflage

This ghillie suit was originally designed for archers in that the shooting arm and chest areas are left without the jute/burlap material as to not interfere with the action of the bow string.

This ghillie suit covers from head to boot and comes with 2 additional pounds of jute/burlap and 2 applications of fire retardant.

36-46 Medium/Large

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment of left-handed suits, as these are custom manufactured.

Mossy Pattern!


Yours for $149.99


BUSHRAG Ghillie Suit Kit Mossy

bushrag ghillie suit kit mossy made from jute and burlap black color

The BUSHRAG is a ghillie suit kit that comes complete with seven colors of jute/burlap, body and head netting, directions and fire retardant.

Designed for an upright stalk. This kit can also be made into a military style ghillie suit for crawling stalks.
Woodland pattern shown.


Yours for $59.99


Ghillie Back Pack Cover 3x4

Ghillie Back Pack Cover 3x4

This cover is pre-treated with a Class "A" fire-retardant

Use as a Back Pack Cover, cover an Alice Pack, cover a tree stand or blind, or build a ground blind! Jute thread attached to a 3x4 Nylon Netting. Includes a package of Black zip ties to help secure to a backpack or other items. Product based on a 100% Nylon netting with a 500 lb. Tensile strength.

Our Jute thread is 1-Ply, 10 lb. Tensile strength, made from 100% Tossa Jute Fiber. We hand tie 4-5 strands of the Jute thread to every knot. That’s 40-50 lbs. of strength at every knot! When hanging vertical, the Jute thread hangs down another 11" allowing the unit to cover a larger surface area. Desert color shown.

Choose between: Desert, Leafy Green, Mossy Oak, Woodland


Yours for $77.99