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Airsoft Glossary Terms

Heard, but not really understood Airsoft words lately such as AEG, TacSim, CQB, etc?

Here are some common Airsoft vocab typically used, listed below.

If you know of or heard of any other words not listed below, please let us know and we'll be happy to add them for future Airsoft Gun Dome visitors!

Airsoft terminology list is immediately below.


Standing for Auto Electric Gun, these are the most commonly seen type of airsoft gun out there.

These electric models use a battery powered electric motor to run a piston and spring to fire pellets.

AEGs offer high muzzle velocities and many models are capable of extremely high rates of fire, some as much as 2000 rounds/minute.


AEP stands for Automatic Electric Pistol. These are a newer style developed by the popular airsoft gun manufacturer Tokyo Marui.

These guns were the first airsoft handguns which provide fully automatic capabilities.


BBs are the pellets fired by airsoft guns. Airsoft BBs are usually made from plastic, unlike those fired by BB guns.


CDB stands for Close Quarters Battle, a scenario sometimes used in airsoft.

This is a subset of MilSim, with the game play occurring at short range, usually in a structure of some sort.

The emphasis for players here is speed and accuracy.


Electric Blow Backs. These are lower priced and low powered electric airsoft-style guns.

Running in AA or AAA batteries, they feature low velocities, but do offer realistic recoil.


Feet per second. This is the measure of velocity. In airsoft, this figure is used to refer to the speed at which an airsoft gun can fire a projectile.


Gas blowback. This is a feature available in some airsoft guns which simulates the recoil of a real gun.

Green Gas

This is the propellant used in GBB-enabled guns to provide their simulated recoil.

The propellant is typically a mixture of propane and silicone oil.

Hi-Cap or High Cap

High capacity. Used to describe airsoft magazines which contain anywhere from 300 - 5,000 pellets.

These magazines may be controlled either manually or electrically using a battery.

Since a large capacity is always an advantage in airsoft, these are by far the most common type of magazines used by airsoft players, since they are the type seen in most AEGs.

However, these magazines are not permitted in most official competitive airsoft events, something players may want to take note of.


This is the airsoft world's term for the backspin created on a projectile by the rifling used in the barrels of real firearms.

The lightness of plastic BBs and the differences between airsoft guns and genuine firearms, however, mean that Hop-Up doesn't provide the same accuracy as rifling, though range is increased.

Low-Cap or Low-Cap Mags

Low Capacity magazines are those which contain 100 or less rounds. These are commonly used for the sake of realism, especially in competitive tournament play.


Low Power Electric Guns are less powerful and less expensive versions of AEGs. Mechanically, they work much the same as an AEG, though at low velocities.

Mid-Cap or Mid-Cap Mags

Mid Capacity Magazines are those which can contain as you'd expect from the name, more than a low capacity magazine but less than a high capacity one.

Generally containing 100-200 rounds, these magazines are favored by some players for their quieter operation compared to that of high capacity magazines.


MilSim (Military Simulation) is airsoft played out in a military-themed role playing setting.

Teams have different missions to accomplish, with the players remaining on the field until their objective has been achieved or a time limit (if any) has elapsed.

Click here to read more about Airsoft Milsim Games


Mid Powered Electric Guns are lower prices electric airsoft guns that are less powerful than true AEGs but are powerful enough to be considered to be a viable and affordable alternative.


Rail Integration Systems are a simple standardized solution for accessorizing firearms (including airsoft guns) with interchanging of accessories such as sights and scopes in the field.


Spring-powered airsoft guns are exactly that. These guns are single-shot weapons, with the spring needing to be cocked in between shots.

This may be in the form of a slide, a bolt, or a grip, depending on the style of gun.

These guns are relatively inexpensive, but due to their design cannot fire automatically or semi-automatically.

Weaver Rail

A Weaver Rail is a type of standardized accessory mounting system for firearms, much like RIS though with different specifications in terms of size.


Are we missing any? Please let us know if so!