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What is an Airsoft Grenade?

picture of an airsoft hand grenade all black shell covering 

PFI Airsoft Hand Grenade - Black

Airsoft Grenades add to Combat Games

Airsoft guns have a great deal of potential when it comes to simulating combat games. The design of many of the military based weapons allows these guns to present a completely new dimension to simulating combat.

For those that wish to engage in more complicated war games or even role playing scenarios, there are new products that can add a new level of sophistication to the games. One of these new products is the airsoft grenade. Yes, an airsoft grenade is exactly what the name would imply. It is a replica grenade that delivers a huge blast of airsoft pellets.

The way these grenades work is not much different than an actual grenade works. The grenade will contain a certain amount of gas that will act as the charge of the grenade. In the interior of the grenade you will add a large collection of plastic BB pellets. Then, you seal the grenade so that the BBs are held in place in the grenade's interior canister.

The gas pressure will be released when you pull the pin from the grenade. So, when you wish to activate the grenade, you simply pull the pin from the grenade and throw it. Actually, it is advised to throw the grenade as far away as possible! After all, you do not want the pellets to blow back at you.

picture of airsoft hand grenade with key to pull pin that explodes when pin is removed

Airsoft Hand Grenade With Pull Pin

The Airsoft Smoke Grenade

Also, you will not want to get smoke in your eyes either as certain grenades will contain a smoke bomb effect that will add a unique dimension of realism to the proceedings. The smoke that emanates from the grenade will be a large cloud of smoke and while it will lack the sulfur smell of the real thing - that would be about the only difference.

Well, actually, the fact that the airsoft grenade is not an incendiary device would be another obvious difference.

In some cases, a particular replica grenade will send BB pellets in such a radius that it would be difficult for the person throwing the grenade to actually throw it far enough. Thankfully, there is an accessory that can aid the individual in sending the airsoft grenade as far as possible.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers

Picture of an airsoft grenade launcher (long), all black in color

Airsoft Grenade Launcher - Long Version

This accessory would be an airsoft grenade launcher and it can send the grenade several meters (or feet) away from where it has been fired. This can also add additional complexities to any combat scenarios since it turns the grenade into a long range weapon.

Obviously, tactics would have to be modified in order for succeed when dealing with the offensive threat of a grenade launcher.

Of course, it is also important to maintain a level of safety when using these grenades. One of the most important safety devices to wear would be safety goggles. Errant BB pellets run the risk of causing an eye injury in the absence of protective goggles. That is why they remain so highly recommended.

Also, when possible, it is best to wear heavy clothing since this would reduce some of the impact of the pellets if they make contact with the skin. And, of course, one needs to employ an attitude of care towards others that might be in the vicinity of the grenade. Fooling around or taking risks would certainly not be advised when working with an airsoft grenade.

Photo of airsoft grenade launcher made in desert storm fashion, made by classic army. This one is long, yet tan in color.

Airsoft Long Grenade Launcher Classic Army Desert Tan Version
grenade launcher photo

Advantages to Airsoft Grenades


Airsoft grenades do have a host of advantages:

Picture of airsoft grenade, silver with 12 holes around the outside and one hold in the middle. All silver.


Deep Fire Grenade 180 Round BB Shower


Disadvantages to Airsoft Grenades

Just as they have their advantages, these grenades do have a host of disadvantages, as well. For example:

Despite the few advantages, airsoft grenades can be great fun and add an element of realism and surprise to any game played with airsoft weapons.

Those who want to bring something extra to their game should try portable airsoft grenades.

Stay on guard! And have a blast! ;-)

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Happy Airsofting!