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Proper care for the different parts of your airsoft gun

The Airsoft Gun Barrel

The barrel of the airsoft gun is very important as this affects your gun's firing. Cleaning your airsoft gun barrel will enable you to fire continuous shots in a semi-automatic manner.

This decompresses the gearbox when it is fired so that you will be able to fire another shot immediately after the first one.

It is recommended to even spray a silicone layer that will prevent the barrel from corroding. By keeping the barrel clean, you also increase the life span of your airsoft gun!

Airsoft Gearbox Functions

The gearbox allows the functioning of the automatic electric airsoft guns when in used.

In order for an airsoft gun to run, these need the gearbox to be able to allow the pellets to be fired.

The Airsoft Gun Slide Gets Pellets Going!

The slide is the responsible for the movement of the pellets in the airsoft gun. It works in such a way that it follows a route around the magazine (see 'Softair Gun Magazines' below).

The pellets then move and eventually are fired (or shot out) by the airsoft gun.

Softair Gun Magazines

Magazines are used in electric and spring airsoft guns which actually contain the spring that propels the pellets out of the gun!

These special airsoft magazines are usually made using plastic and even metal. For these types of magazines, you may want to empty the magazines after every use so that the spring maintains its strength.

Magazines for the gas airsoft guns are made of metals and are made of thick material. Since the magazine for this type of airsoft gun contains a gas chamber, you need to keep the pressure in it.

You may want to put a drop of silicon lubricant if this is not present in the magazine. Maintenance of the magazines will make your gun shoot efficiently longer.