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Airsoft Photo Contest - FAQ

This page is in regards to the Airsoft Picture Submission Contest at this page - Airsoft Photo Contest


1. How many pictures can I submit?

Thanks for asking. :-) You can submit up to 10 photos. Please not more than that, so that it's fair for everyone else.


2. When is this contest over? What is the deadline to post my Airsoft photo?

This contest will be closed either when: December 13 midnight, or We receive more than 100 submissions, which of either come first! :-)


3. Can I be in this photo also? Or only my Airsoft guns and/or equipment?

Sure! If you are an adult and are permitted by your state to own an Airsoft gun, no problem. If you are a minor, considered by your state (ages range from 16 - 18 and younger), we advise you to please check with your parents and be sure that they agree to you being in the photo.

However, if you are completed covered in gear and a mask. . . . . ;-)

And the other side is that you can still post a photo or photos of your Airsoft guns and/or equipment only, so if you are shy or for whatever reason, please simply take the photo of your guns and/or equipment only! No problem!


4. I know how to submit a picture, but how can I upload my Airsoft video to here?

This is simple, especially if you use Youtube! Simply use your cell phone, or digital recording device to show your Airsoft collection (or favorite Airsoft weapon). Then when you have finished recording the video, upload it to Yahoo.

After you are finishing uploading it to Youtube, you know that they provide a code to embed into another webpage (like your own website or blog, Myspace, Facebook, etc).

You simply copy the code that Youtube gives you, and then paste it here into the submission box (the same place that you can type information into, telling us about your Airsoft gun(s).


5. How do I get paid, when I win?

Another great question. Airsoft Gun Dome can pay you in a few of your options:

1. We can utilize Paypal.

2. We can send you a money order.

3. We can send you a check or cashier's check.

We find that most of our contest winners prefer Paypal, due to the quickness, secsure mode, and efficiency it provides.

Simply let us know which method you'd prefer, upon notification of your winning Airsoft photo entry.


6. What if I live in another country other than the U.S., then how do I get the $50 if I win?

We have had winners from both the UK and Australia, which in these cases were sent Paypal for the reasons above in #5. We have found that Paypal will convert the U.S. funds into your own country's currency.

If your country does not use Paypal, please contact us so that we can figure out another way. We don't want you to not be able to enter this fun contest just because you are in another country!


7. My cousin has some amazing, realistic looking badass Airsoft guns, but he doesn't have a computer. Can he still participate in this contest and upload his Airsoft pics using my computer?

We really appreciate this question. I will try to make this answer consise, yet clear.

First - please make sure that the Airsoft picture(s) that you submit are truly YOUR GUNS. This means, please do not go to a photo gallery and use someone else's photos. This includes Flickr, Dreamstime, Fotofilia, StockXChange, etc.

In other words, please no plagarism! Let's keep respect for others who took the time to photograph and post their own pics to the web.

Now, to (seemingly) final answer your question - Your cousin may certainly enter this contest using your computer, just as long as he claims the guns and the photos.

Hope this makes sense ok! :-)

We're not trying to be jerks about this, and apologize if we sound like we are, but merely want to keep the respect for other Airsoft enthusiasts and not copy and claim their work!


Other Questions About this Photo Contest?

Any more questions about this specific Airsoft contest? Just send them by clicking here to contact us here at Airsoft Gun Dome..

Or simply fill out the contact form below!

Photo Contest - Rules - Questions
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