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Your Airsoft Safety Guide

Airsoft is a fun sport using non lethal replicas of ordinary guns to similate military style combat. They're mostly harmless and highly entertaining, provided you use them properly.

To play airsoft, you're going to need to take a few precautions and stick to some safety guidelines. Let's take a look at some basic safety considerations for airsoft use.


Airsoft Guidelines for Proper Safety Usage - Public Areas

One of the big concerns about airsoft safety is how real these guns look. These are exact replicas of true firearms. They look the same, except for an orange tip, and they even can weigh the same!

These army gun replicas fire plastic pellets six millimeters in diameter instead of bullets, but they're otherwise the same as an actual gun. That means that they can easily be mistaken for the real thing, and legal consequences could occur.

Please, do not treat these Airsoft guns like toys, and please do not bring them out in public unless you want to have some legal issues to worry about.

It's better to be safe than sorry when handling guns this realistic, even if they are toys. That means that parents should never let their kids bring an airsoft gun to school, as well.

Your child could be expelled or even arrested! Not to mention if the police accidently assume that your child's gun is real. Even if you aren't going to school, you'll still need to be very careful in public.


Where to Safely Brandish Your Airsoft Guns

Make certain you use your guns only on private property, and be discreet when you do - if you're visible from a distance, someone could mistake your Airsoft gun (or guns) for the real thing.

Be sure to transport airsoft guns in a case at all times to protect it, protect others from confusion (about the realness of your Airsoft gun), and to stay within the law.

Remember, not everyone knows about Airsoft or understands what it is, after all, and many people may become worried if they see what looks like someone in a mask and a gun!

Play it safe and use the same common sense protections as you would with a real firearm. Treat your airsoft gun with the same level of responsibility as you would a real gun, and never use it in self defense.

The Police Have Appeared! Now What?

If you are confronted by the police or security while carrying or using your Airsoft gun, make sure you stay calm and be cooperative!

Explain that the gun isn't real, be willing to work with the police officer. Don't argue and don't move suddenly, or the police could make a mistake that they and you'll regret later.


Airsoft Safety at Your Game Fields

So, aside from the problems inherent in using replica weapons where others can see, what about safety on the field?

Protective gear needs to be used at all times, including face and eye protection.

A minimum of goggles with shatter-resistant lenses is required anywhere, but you should seriously consider:

Any bit of skin that's exposed is skin that could get a nasty bruise, after all. Pellets traveling at high speeds can cause a lot of damage, and even if it's not lethal, it could hurt a lot.

Pellets that hit your face could chip teeth or even crack bones! This is why so many people go for a full face mask or helmet instead of just a pair of goggles. If you don't want to deal with getting hit, protect your skin!


Handling Your Airsoft Gun in Safe Areas

Never shoot at anyone who isn't wearing protective gear, even if you're pretending. You should always treat your gun like it's loaded and assume that it could fire without your intent.

Never point the weapon at anything or anyone you're not planning to shoot, and never shoot anything outside of the game. Keep your airsoft gun pointed in a safe direction at all times, with your finger off the trigger until you're on target and ready to fire. That will help you prevent an accidental firing (and additional problems).

Remember that these pellets leave the gun between two and four hundred feet per second (fps), and the higher (fps) ranges should be used only by very experienced players.

Heavier pellets, such as those used by some players, will travel more slowly, but they pack the same amount of force as a lighter pellet that's traveling faster. That means you'll need to use different FPS charts for a pellet that's heavier than the standard weight.

Summary - Airsoft Safety Guidelines

If you pay attention to these basic Airsoft safety measures, you should have no problem enjoying this hobby without running into significant problems, hurting yourself, or hurting others.

Everyone around you should stick to the rules, too! This isn't a dangerous sport as long as you know what you're doing and respect other players.

As long as you continue to use common sense and stay safe when you're using airsoft guns, you'll have a lot more fun! Plus, you'll get a much better opportunity to focus on the game.