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Airsoft Gun Safety

Picture of an Airsoft gun with a safety lock on it.

Airsoft guns are growing more and more in popularity. Part of the reason is that paintball has proven to be quite a popular hobby and airsoft guns are somewhat of a close cousin to this sport. Also, BB guns have a long and deep heritage in the Unites States.

As a result, they draw a great deal of their popularity from this heritage of BB gun culture. Now, while airsoft guns are not as risky to shoot as a BB gun would be, certain care and precaution needs to be embodied when using the guns.

This is because any type of gun must be handled with great attention to safety since this will make the experience of dealing with them certainly more enjoyable.

Without a doubt, one of the most dangerous assumptions one could make is that because airsoft guns are not real guns they cannot present a serious chance of injury.

This is most definitely not the case as the mere matter of basic laws of physics demonstrates and presents a potentially dangerous situation.

Airsoft Guns and Body Protection

In other words, airsoft guns are projectile implements that disperse small objects at high velocity speeds for extended distances.

Obviously, it would not be a good idea to let such projectiles come in contact with an unprotected region of the body.

The body can only take so much impact and shock so reducing the potential of such a calamity to zero would be the best and only option to take.

Injuries can be reduced even further if the proper protective equipment is used. This protective equipment comes in the form of eyewear, helmets/headgear, torso protections, and padded finger-free gloves.

In addition to providing adequate protection, these items are very light in weight which means they will not inhibit mobility.

It is also advised to take part in a cardiovascular improvement program when playing these games. This will allow you to maintain your wind and endurance for the physical activity involved with the game play.

That said, it is important to mention that injuries related to airsoft guns are relatively minimal. This is because most people that are airsoft gun hobbyists do not engage in their activities without paying stict attention to certain levels of safety.

As such, it is important to explore a few of the common safety tips needed to make exploring airsoft gun adventures a decidedly non-hazardous venture.

Looking at Airsoft from a Dangerous View

First and foremost, it is important to not look at an airsoft gun as a toy. While the gun may not be a real firearm, it remains a scaled down projectile weapon.

That means care and concern must be taken with the devices so as to avoid any unnecessary injuries or calamities.

Actually, looking at an airsoft gun as little more than a toy may yield a very negative ripple effect. Namely, it leads to the owner not paying attention to basic, common sense rules of safety.

Are Airsoft Guns Ok for Children? Teens?

Picture of a little blond boy playing with a handgun in his lap.For example, when one looks at an airsoft gun as if it were a toy, a pseudo-assumption may develop that the weapon is safe for children.

This is most definitely not the case! In reality, it is best to curtail a child's use of the weapon.

Additionally, it would be best to maintain proper oversight of how a teenager handles an airsoft gun as well.

No one under the age of 18 should ever handle an airsoft gun without supervision. This will reduce the potential for a youngster from receiving or causing an errant injury.

However, if and when you do choose to permit your child(ren) to use an Airsoft gun at an earlier age, please be sure to teach them complete gun safety techniques.

Read more here about teaching your children gun safety, using Airsoft guns - click here


Airsoft and the Use Of Safety Gear

In terms of safety wear, it is wise to wear proper protective gear when involved with airsoft gun gaming. Such gear covers the skin which and will provide a buffer of protection from any impact the airsoft gun pellets may cause.

Yes, this may lead to a certain level of discomfort during certain seasons of the year but the discomfort will be far less than what one would experience from an injury.

Specifically, this protective gear for Airsoft play involves chest, head, and hand protection that comes in the form of re-enforced helmets, gloves, and tactical chest protection.

Again, this gear is designed to promote heavy protection at light weight which will allow for proper maneuverability.

The Signficance of Eye Protection - Quality Goggles for Airsoft Play and Usage

Photo of an airsoft gun and safety goggles orange in color, lying on the floor. Protection glasses are sitting behind the airsoft pistol in this picture.

Of course, it is also extremely important to wear protective eye goggles as well. Specifically, it is best to use industrial goggles designed specifically for airsoft or paintball play.

Avoid using swimming goggles because they have not been designed to stay in place during such activities nor have they been designed to handle airsoft pellet impact.

In terms of cost, quality protective gear can be acquired at limited expense. Gloves, helmets, and eyewear can cost under $25 each and chest protectors run in the $50 range.

Such low prices make protection accessible and affordable.

Are Airsoft Guns Dangerous?

No matter what you are wearing, horseplay is critically best avoided since it can lead to a number of potential injuries to the self and others.

Brandishing an airsoft gun on someone else's property without their knowledge or permission could even be a crime under certain jurisdictions!

While airsoft guns can be useful for hours of fun and enjoyment, it is certainly best to avoid using them in a joking manner since this can lead to all sorts of potential headaches.

It is often best to treat an airsoft gun as if it were a real gun. This way, proper care an attention to safety will be adhered to. That means the airsoft gun must be properly stored, secured, and unloaded when not in use.

Also, your airsoft gun should be properly maintained at regular intervals. Since it is not a firearm, it will not need the oiling and cleaning a true firearm will need, but it certainly does not hurt to inspect the gun for potential problems and flaws.

And, of course, taking steps to fix or replace your Airsoft gun when such problems rear their head, is advised as well.

It is always best to never point an airsoft gun in the direction of any individual that is not wearing protective gear.

Some folks might assume that pointing is not a big deal if you do not pull the trigger. Well, while one might not intentionally pull the trigger on the gun, the possibility for an accidental discharge may occur.

By keeping the direction of the muzzle away from another person, the odds of a pellet fired from an accidental discharge missing will increase while the odds of a potential injury decrease.

Really, as long as you follow simple rules of common sense you will find your airsoft gun play to be fun, rewarding, and hazard-free!