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Airsoft Gun Do's and Don't's

What is an airsoft gun?

An airsoft gun is a replicated firearm used by the armed forces. The only difference of an airsoft gun (and a real gun) is these guns shoot 6mm plastic pellets of BBs. Which the term "soft" originates from.

Airsoft guns are powered many different ways: electric and spring powered, electric and manual powered and gas powered.

Electric and spring powered forces air through a small hole when the BB penetrates through the barrel.

Electric and manual powered are battery operated and has an internal spring. The airsoft gun has to be cocked by the person who shoots it. The player has to manually cock the airsoft gun with his hand before each shot is fired.

Gas powered airsoft guns use green gas that is stored in the magazine. They have to be recharged with gas when energy is depleted.

If you are a beginner or an experienced airsoft player, this guide will help you with what to do and what not to do with your airsoft gun.


What not to do with your Airsoft gun:

1. Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms. They are not built for prolonged periods of shooting. Like a real firearm, airsoft guns overheat and damaged is caused. Keep your shooting intervals between 4-6 second bursts. This will prevent any complications.

2. If it is your first time using an airsoft gun, always use an airsoft gun when the battery is fully charged.

3. Never charge your airsoft battery over the recommended time given.

4. Never charge a battery that has become warm or hot. Do no continue to charge it.

5. When you are finished using your airsoft gun, never leave the batteries in there.

6. Never use a battery in an airsoft gun that is in poor condition and has overheated.

7. If your airsoft gun gets jammed, please do not fire it again! Your airsoft gun has to be unjammed first or it will not function properly.

8. Never use poor quality , deformed ammunition in your airsoft gun. Always use perfectly round ammunition. The barrels are made exactly for the type of ammunition it uses. Using the wrong ammunition will cause the barrel to jam or break your airsoft gun.

9. Never fire an airsoft gun that has broken paintballs or any other ammunition inside of the barrel. You must clean the barrel thoroughly first or your airsoft gun will break.

10. Never load your magazine over it's capacity. The spring will loosen and will to function properly and or the ammunition could pop out.

11. Never disassemble or reassemble your airsoft gun if you don't know what you are doing. Take your airsoft gun to your local airsoft gun dealer for professional maintenance.

12. Never force a trigger pull. If you have difficulty pulling the trigger, check if your airsoft gun has jammed. If you are not sure what is wrong with your airsoft gun, take it an airsoft gun dealer.

13. Never drop your airsoft gun.

14. Never get any part of your airsoft gun damp or wet.


What to do with your Airsoft gun:

1. Use a timer to charge your airsoft gun batteries.

2. Airsoft gun parts are all made to run at a specific speed. Only use your airsoft gun with fully charged batteries. If your airsoft gun is wearing down, take the battery out and charge it. Stop shooting immediately.

3. If this is your first time, turn your hop up completely off and then adjust it slowly. Turning the hop up all the way up results in the airsoft gun jamming and unable to fire.

4. Use only high quality 6MM round ammunition for your airsoft gun.

5. All interior upgrades for your airsoft gun need to be performed by a trained professional only.

6. If your airsoft gun does not have a metal gear box, you cannot use upgrades.

7. Check your airsoft gun, check to see if any screws or fasteners have become loose.

8. You have to lubricate and oil your airsoft gun on a regular basis. Your airsoft gun's longevity and performance will improve. Your airsoft gun will be in a better condition if cleaned regularly.

9. Make sure your spring is fully cocked back, if you use a spring airsoft gun.

10. If your airsoft gun is not working properly, and your battery isn't the cause of it, replace the fuse.

11. After you use your airsoft gun, always clean it every time you finish playing.

The Do's and Don'ts of Airsoft guns in a nutshell! To ensure that your airsoft gun has a long, lasting life, this list shows you everything you need to do with your airsoft gun and what you need to avoid. Enjoy your airsoft gun and be safe!