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Airsoft Hand Signals

Airsoft originated in Japan where real guns were illegal. They created replicas that had great detailing and fired non-lethal plastic pellets and then other countries started buying them.

In the United States, Airsoft games are similar to paintball, but these weapons are much cheaper. There are still teams and scrimmages to ultimately win the games through the use of strategies to beat the other team, much like paintball, but for Airsoft, there are other different kinds of games that can be played with different goals.

Hand Signals Used in Airsoft Combat

Airsoft hand signals are used as ways to communicate with other members of their team in the scrimmages and make plans of attack.

They are simple hand motions to command others so the enemy can't hear the plan. The only thing is that they are commonly used, so if members of the other group see them, they may be able to figure out what is coming. For this reason, some groups come up with variations of the basic Airsoft hand signals to make it more difficult for this to happen.

Each team assigns the leader of the group, and they are who signals, although in hostile situations, other team members might take charge and issue signals. Also, they may signal back and forth to each other if the situation dictates.


Some of the more common Airsoft hand signals

-Halt is signaled by raising the flat stiff hand up and means to stop and get down or kneel to be less of a target to the enemy team's ambushers.

-Attack is made with the flat hand making a cutting motion in the direction of the planned attack.

-OK is signaled using the common index and thumb connected and raised.

-Hurry Up is signaled by raising a clenched fist up and down above the head to make everybody start walking or running quicker.

-Enemy Seen is signified with two fingers placed close to the eyes and then point in the direction the enemy was spotted.

-Get Down is where you use a flat hand moving downwards to inform the group to get down flat or crawl.

-Ambush is shown by raising your hand and covering the eyes the pointing in the direction to be ambushed, which tells everybody to immediately ambush the enemy all at once.

Using these basic Airsoft hand signals are fairly easy for most people since some of them are already commonly used in everyday situations.

If you modify them, make sure all team members understand the variations to keep control using the Airsoft hand signals and win the ambush or capture the flag.

Sometimes, teams will use countdowns using their Airsoft hand signals by counting down from three fingers, two fingers, then one. However you use the Airsoft hand signals, they are important in communicating with your team.

Since there are variations on the game, and different environments, sometimes it is easier to use some Airsoft hand signals than others. Sometimes the games can be re-enactments of historical fights, fought in arenas, in the woods, or even at paintball type fields.

It is the most fun to have an Airsoft game where there is cover to help hide the Airsoft hand signals from the other team's view and helps to keep the upper hand in the skirmishes.


Psssst! Do you have any special airsoft hand signals that you use and are missing from the list above? Just let us know!