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What Is An Airsoft M60?

About the M60 Airsoft Machine Gun Model

There are many different types of Airsoft guns that you can get, either for collecting replicas, or for actually playing with and using. The Airsoft M60 is one of the models that you might be interested in.

What Is the M60 Airsoft Gun?

An Airsoft M60 is an exact replica of an authentic M60 weapon. An M60 is a machine gun, so the Airsoft M60 is an exact replica of one of these machine guns.

An Airsoft gun, like the M60, works in almost the same way as a traditional machine gun would work, except for that instead of firing actual bullets, they fire BBs, or softer pellets.

This allows them to be very useful - people can use them as collectors items, and they can use them to play games or training maneuvers. Therefore, the Airsoft M60 is one of the types of airsoft guns that is very popular today.

The Airsoft M60 - Pros and Cons

There are a few pros and cons to the Airsoft M60. First of all, it is a gun that allows you to have the fun and excitement of a real machine gun, without having to worry about the dangers that might be associated with it.

When you are using an M60 Airsoft gun, you will easily be able to see that the gun is very powerful, so having an exact replica can be quite a good idea. With the replica, you can enjoy the firepower and the excitement that goes along with it, without any of the dangers.

The Airsoft M60 is also a great replica because most of the Airsoft models look exactly like the actual M60 machine gun model does. However, they do have orange tips, to signify that they are replicas, and so that area of the gun is obviously not real.

The only cons to the Airsoft M60 would be that they might be heavier and harder to manage than a typical rifle or pistol airsoft gun. Therefore, for many of the role playing games and training maneuvers, it might be difficult to lift and haul the M60 machine gun along with you.

Successful Airsoft M60 Machine Gun Management

In order to use the Airsoft M60 successfully, the best thing to do is to have plenty of room and to have practice steadying an airsoft gun of this size.

It can be more difficult to control the M60, so it is important to have plenty of practice, keeping the M60 as straight as possible. This will allow you to have a chance to get a feel for the way that the gun handles and the way that it works, prior to using it for your Airsoft games.

M60 Types

There are many different types of M60s, but they are not as common as the Airsoft M16s or M4 Airsoft guns that can be found more easily. Therefore, it is important to find a brand that you like and stick with it, if you can!

The most common and best M60s include the M249-OARA Metal Gear Box Electric M60 Airsoft Gun. This is a gun that has great handling potential, and that is easy to load and to use.

Also, the M249 MKII Metal Gear Box Electric M60 Airsoft gun is another M60 that is a great gun for collectors and for players as well.

(Note to the reader - we have discovered that these guns noted above, the M249 vs the M60 may not be the same type of guns, so please standby for more information on the distinction. Thank you!)

The Inokatsu M60 is another great gun, and it is one of the newer M60s on the market today.


When buying an M60 machine gun replica, no matter which brand you go with, you are going to be looking at paying anywhere from $450 to $650.

The higher end model M60s are going to cost more because they are more realistic, have better shooting ranges, and are easier to operate.

However, another option would always be to get your first M60 airsoft gun from someone who wants to sell you a used gun much more cheaply. EBay is another great choice for finding used and inexpensive airsoft guns.

If you are just starting out with Airsoft guns, it is often a good option to borrow or buy an M60 used from someone, until you are sure that you are really going to want to use the M60. Otherwise, it can get bulky and you might find that you aren't using it as much.


The Airsoft M60 is a great replica gun. No matter which brand you buy, as long as you are used to the weight and accustomed to the way that the gun feels, you will enjoy being able to use the gun successfully.

Best wishes on your choice!