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Airsoft Machine Guns!

Picture of an Airsoft Machine Gun Classic Army M249 all black in color

Classic Army M249 Para SAW Machine Gun

Most people's perception of the traditional airsoft gun is that of a revolver, pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

While there are many models produced in the form of the aforementioned four guns, there are also other airsoft variants that are modeled after military weapons. Of these weapons, the most popular would be airsoft machine guns.

Airsoft machine guns are replica models of real world military machine gun weapons. These replicas include classic weaponry such as the American M-16 and the Russian AK-47 as well as a number of different models that are drawn from World War I, World War II, and modern desert and urban warfare scenarios.

Of course, airsoft machine guns do not fire real bullets. They project plastic BB pellets at a decent range and accuracy level.

There are three ways these pellets are projected: gas power, electric power, and spring action.


What They Are

Real machine guns have the option of being fully or semi-automatic. Fully automatic means one pressed and holds the trigger and the weapon fires its entire magazine.

Semi-automatic means the weapon will fire a single shot each time the trigger is pressed without any additional preparatory action.

Many electric and gas powered airsoft machine guns come have the ability to switch from automatic to semi-automatic mode.

Some of these weapons are exclusively semi-automatic. There are, however, no spring loading guns that can fire automatically.

Spring loading weapons simply are not able to compress enough air to effectively deliver such an effect.

Airsoft guns were initially developed as "toy guns" in Japan although the market the weapons were geared towards was not children.

Rather, the intended audience was young males looking to engage in active hobbies with moderately harmless projectile weapons.

While the original models were mainly handguns, the popularity of these weapons led to the later development of rifles and machine guns.

Photo image of a FAMAS machine AEG Black Airsoft gun

FAMAS Machine AEG, Black airsoft gun

How Airsoft Machine Guns Are Used

Today, airsoft machine guns are mostly used in games that recreate classic battles of the major wars of the last century. Geography plays a role in these games as well.

Iraq War based games will be common in dry desert environments while WWII games are common in wilderness or forest areas.

Some of these games are completely unscripted while others will seek to recreate battles to the most minute historical accuracy.

Makes and Models

There are many different models of airsoft machine guns and they include the:

Once again, there are scores upon scores of airsoft machine guns on the market so it should not be difficult to find a reliable weapon that fits any budget.

These weapons are well-produced and can provide many hours of active fun. Ultimately, that is why they remain so popular.

Image photo of an airsoft machine gun camouflage called M83 Camo Airsoft Gun Auto Electric Machine Gun

M83 Camo Airsoft Gun Auto Electric Machine Gun


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