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Types of Airsoft Magazines

There are basically four types of magazines which airsoft guns use.

These airsoft magazines are:


Each of these are deigned to work in such a way that it can utilize the pellets and fire them in the most effective way that they can.

Real-cap airsoft clips are usually used for the military simulation since this works in the same way as the real thing. High-cap airsoft clips are used by people who want to be able to fire a series of pellets.

This has a rotating wheel that allows the transfer of pellets from the reservoir up to the chamber.

Mid-cap works in both ways such that it combines the features of low-cap and the high-cap airsoft clips. These are quiet but can give you a series at about 150 rounds!

Low-cap airsoft clips carry less number of pellets but still are able to shoot effectively.

AEG Magazines and Batteries

For electric airsoft guns, batteries and chargers are one of the necessary parts of it. Batteries that should be used must be compatible with the motor of the gun.

If your voltage is lower than the required voltage, this may result in the non-functioning of gun because of its lack of power.

A high voltage on the other hand will provide excess power that will allow the gun to run but it will have internal damage to your gun parts.

Batteries having a higher current draw will increase the rate of firing done by your gun. Since your airsoft gun will run out of battery, you will need a charger especially for rechargeable batteries.

If you do not have any rechargeable batteries, then you might want to purchase some. This is more convenient for you and you are safe because usually these batteries last for about 2 years with regular usage.