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What Is An Airsoft MP40?

Schmeisser MP40 Electric Airsoft Gun

Schmeisser MP40 Electric Airsoft Gun

Why Airsofters Prefer the MP40 Airsoft Gun

There are many different makes and models of Airsoft guns that you might enjoy collecting, using in games and role playing. An Airsoft MP40 is one of those types of guns.

An Airsoft MP40 is an exact replica of an authentic MP40, which is a machine pistol 40 - a submachine gun that was developed by Nazi Germany, for use during World War II.

The real MP40 had a very low rate of fire, as well as a low recoil, so it was more manageable. As well, the Airsoft MP40 is the more manageable of the Airsoft machine guns.

It is used to mimic and replicate any weapon used by paratroopers as well as platoon and squad leaders.

How Do They Work?

TOP MP40 Airsoft Electric Gun

TOP MP40 Airsoft Electric Gun

The Airsoft MP40 is a spring loaded, electric fire gun, and works in the same way that other MP40s work. Therefore, it is still quite manageable and easy to use.

Pros and Cons

The Airsoft MP40 is easier to use than other machine guns, because it has a lower recoil. This means that you can get used to it much more easily, and also that it fires more quickly and easily, too!

This replica weapon is often something that is much easier for you to use (than you might imagine), and you will be able to use it in a smaller environment. It also doesn't take up as much room as the typical machine guns.

The Airsoft MP40, however, can be heavier than the regular rifle or pistol, so you will also want to keep this in mind as you are choosing the guns that you would like to use.

For a primary gun, it can be easy to take along, but it can be almost impossible to take as a secondary gun, because it is difficult to handle and to hold (for secondary airsoft gun purposes). Therefore, you will want to consider when you want to use the Airsoft MP40 and when you want to use something smaller and lighter like a pistol or even an airsoft rifle.

Top Airsoft MP40s

There are several main Airsoft MP40's that are the top sellers and that end up being the easiest to use.

These include the AEG Schmeisser MP40 WWII Electric Airsoft Submachine Guns. These are some of the easiest to use submachine guns on the market today.

Also, the AGM MP40 MP007 Metal Rifle Airsoft Gun is another one that is easy to use and also easy to manage.

The TSD Sports MP40 AEG Airsoft Submachine gun is one that many choose because it is a bit cheaper and also makes a much better starter MP40.

Also, the TOP MP40 Airsoft electric gun is another of the best MP40 brands to use with the airsoft mechanisms.


When using the Airsoft MP40, it is always important to consider the costs very carefully, because this will let you know whether or not you are able to continue to use this gun.

The Airsoft MP40 usually varies in cost, like any other type of airsoft gun or rifle.

Most of the time, you can get an Airsoft MP40 from anywhere from $125 to $250, depending on the type of gun that you are looking for, and on the specifics that you would like it to have.

For many of the guns, you will find that it is easier and cheaper to buy an outdated or a used model first, so that you can be sure this is the type of gun you would like to use, before spending money on a brand new one.

The Airsoft MP40 - Successful Use

There are many ways that you can use the Airsoft MP40 successfully. Most important though, you want to be sure that you are looking at the room (space) that you have to use them.

The MP40 is not as hard to use as the regular machine guns, so you won't need as much space! They can also be lighter, too.


The Airsoft MP40 is a great starter gun, and can be used easily in any role playing or training maneuvers, because of its quick fire and rapid response. It is also one of the more affordable types of Airsoft machine guns on the market.

picture of src mp40 airsoft electric gun at the end of this page

SRC MP40 Airsoft Electric Gun GEN 3 WWII GE-640TM-III