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Updating your Airsoft history

airsoft hit the states mid 80's, it hit Hawaii first. This is the URL for the organization I belong to and we have been doing this for a long time.

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Lancer Tactical PDW

This gun has lasted through everything with me!

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My Favorite Brand

My favorite brand is probably Crossman. I have a Thompson M1A1 and I love it!!! I have used it once in battle and it worked terrifically!!

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KWA makes the best AEG's and GBB's, in my opinion. All of their products are engineered to outperform, as KWA says. Their 2GX gearbox is amazing! I

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Panther Arms

If your a beginning or emerging airsoft player, I recommend Panther Arms. Just don't go for the cheap Panther Arms. They are more or less off-brand phonies

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I like MAGPUL because they are better versions of some other airsoft guns like the M4. They add nice rails and have better more efficient magazines.

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I'm a man with a fairly small budget. After a couple of hours of online research, I purchased a CYMA MP5, the CYMA 0.41k PDW. For a $150 SMG, I was expecting

Continue reading "CYMA's PDW"

KWC M&P40 C02

My good old trusty Smith and Wesson. Through rain, mud, cold and sun, it always pulled through. Had it for 4 years before it finally popped the seal for

Continue reading "KWC M&P40 C02"

smith and wesson

it is my favorate brand because I bought an airsoft chief special and I fired it every day for a year and it shows no sign of wearing out (I disassembled

Continue reading "smith and wesson"

mk crazy

i have purchased several airsoft machine guns otherwise known as saws but none have lived up to my standards like my classic army m249 mk46 spw. Time

Continue reading "mk crazy"

My BEST gun so far!

When i started off with airsoft i used my Classic Army Scar L the gun was absolutely amazing clocking in a 380 fps and 16 rps out of the box! Due to Local

Continue reading "My BEST gun so far!"

Lancer tactical

Lancer is my favorite brand of airsoft rifles because they make a very affordable rifle, yet it they shoot very accurately with very high fps. They make

Continue reading "Lancer tactical"

My Jawn

I like Jing Gong. They have off-the-hook metal guns that work and are awesome! They shoot far and they get more than the job done. They make accurate,

Continue reading "My Jawn"


it is a high power aeg gunchoice

Continue reading "Kalasnikov"

Airstrike 420 Pimped Out Yet Original

it is my favorite gun because i kept the outer look but modified it to shoot 210 fps

Continue reading "Airstrike 420 Pimped Out Yet Original"

Pulse Rifle-Aliens

The pulse rifle from aliens it has always been my most favorite movie weapo

Continue reading "Pulse Rifle-Aliens"

Your Airsoft Site Rocks!

Never wanted to do this, but now I do, great site! Response from Airsoft Dome: Well thanks, Me! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for

Continue reading "Your Airsoft Site Rocks!"

Where to Get Gas for Airsoft HFC 134a KSC Blowback Guns

Where do you purchase the gas recommended for KSC Blowback Guns? Response from AirsoftDome Team: HFC134a gas can be purchased from any number of online

Continue reading "Where to Get Gas for Airsoft HFC 134a KSC Blowback Guns "

Police And Millitary Use Airsoft Guns?

Do the police and/or millitary use airsoft guns? Response from AirsoftDome Team: Hey Jack, thanks for writing. Occasionally, yes. This article is

Continue reading "Police And Millitary Use Airsoft Guns?"

Can My Airsoft Gun Work With Other Batteries?

I recently bought a Umarex mp5 with the licensed HK brand name. The battery has the head with the male ends and the input in the gun has the female ends.

Continue reading "Can My Airsoft Gun Work With Other Batteries?"

Is It Legal to Own An Airsoft Gun in Chicago?

I live in Chicago, one of the toughest cities about gun laws. I really want to buy an airsoft gun, but I have a strange feeling that for some reason it

Continue reading "Is It Legal to Own An Airsoft Gun in Chicago?"

Is Airsoft Legal in New York?

i wanted to know if it is legal in new york and if it is what are the rules Response from AirsoftDome Team: Hiya Josue, New York City requires that

Continue reading "Is Airsoft Legal in New York?"

Airsoft Saw m249 Problem

I have a Saw and the other day i was using it to shoot coke cans and stuff when i took my finger off the trigger and it kept shooting, is there anything

Continue reading "Airsoft Saw m249 Problem"

Shooting Spring Loaded Airsoft Gun - Trouble

my spring loaded airsoft gun will not shoot. The trigger pulls back but the gun won't grab a bb and it doesnt pull the spring back. What wrong with my

Continue reading "Shooting Spring Loaded Airsoft Gun - Trouble"

Making Airworthiness Forts for Airsoft Play

My friends and I are having a airsoft war and we don't have any cover. can I have some tips Response from AirsoftDome Team: Hi there, You’ll need to

Continue reading "Making Airworthiness Forts for Airsoft Play"

Is my Gun a Good Airsoft Starters Rifle?

I've currently got a M40 Series G36. I've fired 1000 BeBe's through it so far, it hasn't broken and hasn't jammed. I think it shoot at 240 FPS. I'm not

Continue reading "Is my Gun a Good Airsoft Starters Rifle?"

What Airsoft Pistol Should I Get?

I love Airsoft pistols over other guns but I'm getting bored of having to pull the slide back everytime I shoot. What should I do. What kind of gas pistol

Continue reading "What Airsoft Pistol Should I Get?"

Are Airsoft Guns Safe For Kids to Have?

I'm 13 and I want to know how to be safe with Airsoft guns. Response from AirsoftDome Team: Hi there, Airsoft is a game. It is meant to be fun but

Continue reading "Are Airsoft Guns Safe For Kids to Have? "

What Airsoft Gun Should I Buy? Price No Issue

Price is no issue. I want one that is upgradeble and good for CQB. Response from AirsoftDome Team: For CQB there are a couple types of guns I would

Continue reading "What Airsoft Gun Should I Buy? Price No Issue"

Player statistics Airsoft Worldwide?

Hiya Can anyone help me find / direct me to airsoft player statistics worldwide or locally in South Africa, for an MBA assignment. Thanks Samantha Response:

Continue reading "Player statistics Airsoft Worldwide?"