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Airsoft Revolvers

Airsoft enthusiasts love the game for many reasons, and there are several different airsoft gun types out there to pique their interest. Automatic and semi-automatic airsoft pistols seem to be rather popular, but there is something about airsoft revolvers that people seem to just love.

It is a symbol of the Old West, a collector's piece in some homes. Why shouldn't people who play airsoft want airsoft revolvers? They are supposed to be replicas of real guns, and what better replica than that of the Wild West?

Are Airsoft Revolvers Popular?

While they are not as popular as rifles, pistols, and even some of the more popular grenade launchers, airsoft revolvers are rather popular - especially in certain areas of the United States.

People that love the idea of the Old West love airsoft revolvers because of what they represent. Cowboys and Indians, the old Clint Eastwood movies - what isn't to love about a good revolver?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Airsoft Revolvers

Although airsoft revolvers are popular because of what they stand for, they are difficult as far as loading and use. BBs must be loaded one at a time, and the cylinder must be spun as you go along. They are very much like real revolver guns except for the fact that they don't shoot actual bullets.

While they are a bit costly as far as time is concerned, users are not forced to sacrifice speed for the small size of the gun and barrel. Many airsoft revolvers can top out at 250 to 300 feet per second.

While they are great for novelty use, target practice and casual play, airsoft revolvers are not a good idea for military simulation or simulated combat because they can put a player at a severe disadvantage as far as speed is concerned.

When they are used, they are best used in an instance where all other players are using revolvers as well, just to ensure that all players on a level playing field.

Whether or not airsoft revolvers are for you remains to be seen. Many players thrive on the rush associated with semi-automatic and automatic pistols. Those who are willing to take their time to play with an old favorite are bound to love the idea of airsoft revolvers.