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Airsoft Rules for Game Play

What are the typical rules when playing most Airsoft Games? While there are variations of Airsoft games, most of them have many common factors.

Airsoft is often played like paintball, however, it uses much cheaper equipment - Airsoft airguns that fire plastic pellets.

This game has become popular and makes for a great team sport! Airsoft teams typically use hand signals to signify actions that the enemy cannot hear or predict, but the other team members can understand to ambush the other team.

Airsoft Game Play - Basic Rules

These are the basic rules that are true in pretty much all Airsoft games. There are variations of games, such as capture the flag, medic, re-enactments, assassin, full contact, police shootout or cops and robbers.

Other variations might be turf wars, fort wars, ambush, hostage rescue, drag the doll, search and destroy, and many others!

The Airsoft rules can vary game to game and the objective may be different in each game. Since they are team sports, there are typically two teams, but it is not unusual for there to be more than that in some games.

Night games like Stalkers, for example is played with two Airsoft groups, where two players are the stalkers and eight players are the guards. The point of the game is for one of the groups to eliminate the other.

Another example of a variance on the Airsoft rules would be Manhunt, where a selected player is hunted and the rest of the players are the hunters. The hunted must reach a certain spot within a certain amount of time to win and the hunters must shoot the hunted to win, they can't shoot each other.

No matter what variations you play, the Airsoft rules are primarily for safety, and the remainder of the Airsoft rules are meant to keep players honest, since the game is based on players not cheating or lying about being hit.

Variations of the game make it more interesting, so there may be individual rules to be followed, depending on the game.

Airsoft is a fun alternative to paintball that is much cheaper and requires less safety gear, but it is important that players wear the required face protection and follow the rest of the Airsoft rules to ensure safety, fair games, and hours of enjoyment.