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Airsoft Rules - 25 Suggested Rules of Airsoft Conduct and Engagement

Airsoft is a game that is played with a lot of players, and there are many different types of games and simulations that can be played with soft air guns.

While there are some significant similarities between paintball and airsoft engagements, there are also some significant differences.

The main one is that airsoft does not hurt; as a matter of fact, the fact that airsoft pellets are so small usually means that players don't always feel the impact of the BBs on their bodies.

For this reason, honesty in playing is always important. Here are some of the more common airsoft rules that are used by associations and teams. If you are putting together your own airsoft team, you may want to make use of some or all of these rules.

1. Cheating is NEVER tolerated. Anybody caught doing any sort of cheating will be permanently expelled from the game.

2. A gun that reads 400 feet per second or higher is against the law in most areas, and should not be allowed during play.

3. All guns must use approved BBs, preferably some that are biodegradable.

4. Gun butts do not count as a kill.

5. Safety gear is critical. This includes hard goggles that are sealed around the face. Knee pads may also be required.

6. Players who are “dead” must lie on the ground for a designated period of time, usually two to three minutes. They do not move. It is usually best to at least act as realistic as possible, that you have been shot. At the very least, make sure that people know you are dead.

7. If you have been hit by the enemy, yell HIT so that they know that they do not have to continue shooting at you.

8. On many fields, dead players are required top place a red, orange or other brightly colored rag or bandanna over their heads.

9. Players who are dead do not talk. This includes the enemy, the same team, or even on the radio. Dead men can speak to other dead players.

10. Dead men cannot and do not sit around and watch the game. If they find themselves nearing combat, they must move away.

11. Dead men are out of the game for a specified period of time. It may be five minutes, ten minutes, or the rest of the game.

12. For safety's sake, it is best to restrict shooting to 25 feet or more away. You can call a PARLAY if you encounter an enemy from less than 25 feet and they do not know you are there.

13. If asked to surrender without shooting, a player must comply.

14. It is okay to have an enemy surrender when they are less than 25 feet away and do not realize you are there.

15. Hits to the gun do not normally count as a kill.

16. Hits to tactical gear can count as a kill, but that is decided at the discretion of the team.

17. Actual fighting, hitting or kicking during simulation play is strictly forbidden.

18. If you think you have hit someone and they don't think they have been hit (or vice versa), the two of you can call a Purple Heart. During this time, players can mediate and decide what to do about such a dispute.

19. Profanity is bad sportsmanship and should not be allowed in any airsoft game.

20. A weapon is never to be fired in the safety zone, under any circumstances

21. Do not fire at anything or anyone who is not playing, including an animal

22. Real weapons, including knives, are not allowed at airsoft games under any circumstances

23. When transporting weapons to and from the site, do so with the use of a box or case. It is against the law in most areas for airsoft weapons to be brandished in public, even on accident.

24. Remove all of your gear from the playing field after the game

25. Never leave any food, trash, or junk behind on the field after a game.

Airsoft is a structured game. It has to be, as a lot of it is based on simulations of combat that are based on the Honor System.

Things must be done a certain way and written down for reference for each airsoft team. Structure makes for more fun, organized and realistic play and the enforcement of a legal set of rules is vital for any airsoft team.