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All About Airsoft Safety Equipment

Brief Airsoft Overview

Airsoft is a game that looks a lot like combat, but uses relatively safe air or compressed gas powered guns that fire non-metallic pellets. Some guns are also electronically powered or spring loaded.

There are dedicated airsoft battlefields that look a lot like paintball fields, with towers, trenches, bunkers and other terrain. This allows for more realistic simulated battles.

There are lots of different kinds of airsoft games, and they vary depending on how many people are playing, where they are, and how much money is available.

These games may include skirmishes, military similations, organized campaigns, and even reenactments of historical events or periods.

Standard military tactics may be used, and much of the weaponry looks like the real thing.

Why Do We Need Safety Equipment?

While airsoft is a fun sport, you'll still need to pay attention to airsoft safety if you want to keep yourself and other people from being harmed.

It's important both on the field and off it. While airsoft guns have been designed to be safe, there are still some hazards.

You'll need to make sure that you handle the gun safely, even when just moving or cleaning it, and you'll need the right kind of safety equipment, including orange tips to tell others that you are not carrying a real gun.

Safety equipment is not optional when it comes to dealing with airsoft guns. You need to know how to treat yours, how to handle it, and what kind of equipment to wear while you're playing.

This way, you have the best chances of an entertaining, non-hazardous day in the field. Follow basic precautions and have fun!

What Are Our Airsoft Safety Options?

There are some basic pieces of safety equipment you'll need for airsoft games. The minimum is wearing a good quality pair of impact resistant goggles.

Eye protection is a must, and if someone has lost their eye protection or wandered onto the field, you'll hear other players shout "blind man" to tell people to stop firing.

This term always means you should cease fire - never go near an airsoft gun that's loaded without goggles, and never fire or handle one around people who don't have proper eye protection.

Most airsoft players do more than just wear the minimum. Protective face masks, similar to those worn in paintball and other sports, are extremely popular, and may be combined with or used in combination with goggles to offer protection for the whole face.

Does Airsoft Hurt?

A direct hit to the mouth or other areas of the face can be damaging and very painful if you don't use the right level of protection.

Helmets are also common - these add a little more realism to military simulations, and they keep you from suffering a direct hit to the head during the course of play. Some airsofters even wear full face helmets, such as the ones used by motorcyclists.

Tactical vests are also used by many airsoft players. They keep your skin from being directly hit by an airsoft pellet, and make it easy to carry extra supplies, including additional guns, ammunition, magazines, and other items.

There are lots of different types and a wide price range, but protection of the upper torso is the goal of all such vests.

Protective Clothing Types for Airsoft Play

In addition to these vests, most players wear clothing that covers all exposed skin below the neck, including long sleeved shirts and pants that provide some protection from airsoft pellets.

While these pellets won't actually do significant damage, a direct hit can cause painful welts. It's a good idea to avoid these by wearing the right clothes under your other protective gear.

Hockey gear is used by some people as protection on the airsoft field, including hip, shin, and thigh guards. Knee and elbow pads might also be used, as well as steeled-toed boots and leather gloves.

However, too much safety gear can hamper movement, so experiment a little before you decide what you're going to use.

It's not a good idea to overdo it!

Where Can I Get Airsoft Products And Safety Gear?

Airsoft guns, supplies, and gear can be found in a number of different locations, depending on where you live and the laws in your country.

In some locations, importation of realistic looking guns is illegal, and only a few types of airsoft gun are permitted. In others, you can buy anything you like.

Some areas have airsoft guns and safety gear available in local stores - many games supply stores carry these products, as well as many paintball suppliers. Check your local area to see if there's a seller of airsoft gear near you.

In some areas, these products won't be available, though safety gear may be repurposed from other sports, including hockey, or even created from military surplus. I

f you don't have these options, or you want to get a chance to see the widest possible range of airsoft equipment, looking online is a good bet.

There are plenty of retailers dedicated to airsoft, so you'll be able to choose whatever you need to have a fun, safe experience.

Airsoft can be a great activity for people who love fast paced, adrenaline-pumping sports. Just make sure that you have all the proper safety equipment and follow a few basic common sense rules. That'll help you be sure you have a great time, and so will everyone else!