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The Uzi Airsoft Gun

Photo of an Electric Airsoft Uzi gun, all black with extra clip

Airsoft Voltran Ekol UZI

Airsoft Uzi - Why Do Folks Go Crazy For this Gun?

It can be said that the Uzi maintains a cult following among aficionados of machine guns and automatic weapons. The Uzi was developed by the Israeli military in the aftermath of the First Arab-Israeli War in the 1940's. Its use was later adopted by the Israeli Defense Force.

This weapon was a submachine gun closer to a larger pistol than a rifle which made it an odd choice for the military. However, the uniqueness of its design was not ignored by the motion picture industry and it was used in several motion pictures.

From this, it entered into the world of popular culture. This is why it should come as no surprise that it is used in airsoft gun games!

The Airsoft Uzi Gun - Overview

Picture of an Airsoft Uzi gun all black mini, with an orange tip

UHC UZI Mini Electric Airsoft Gun


The way Uzi Airsoft guns work is virtually the same as traditional airsoft weapons. Pellets are projected from the gun at high velocities via compressed air, gas, or via an electric motor.

The latter two variants allow Uzis to operate at semi and fully automatic capabilities. However, spring loaded Uzis will only be able to fire at a semi-automatic basis. Really, if you are looking for a fully automatic version, it would be best to stick with the more reliable electric airsoft uzi's motor version.


Pros and Cons - the Uzi Airsoft Submachine Gun

Uzi Mini Electric Powered Airsoft Submachine Gun (Photo Below)Airsoft Uzi Mini SMG Electric AEG Powered Submachine Gun Picture

Photo of an airsoft electric mini uzi clear color see though gun which is a submachine gun replica army gun

Both the pros and the cons of an airsoft Uzi are the same - it is a weapon designed for urban warfare.

At the time of the First Arab-Israeli War, Israel

was surrounded by several hostile enemies that were provoking ground invasions. Since combat would be relegated to urban areas, a compact submachine gun would make sense.

However, for gaming purposes, this airsoft gun would probably not make a decent transition to environments where rifles might be a better option.

Top Airsoft Uzi Gun Models

Of the many Uzi models out there, these are among the more popular ones:


Yes, the price tag on this gas powered Uzi Airsoft gun is steep, but this is one of the absolute best of all the gas powered variants thanks to the many features it possesses. Simply put, this gun will not let you down in game play.


Anyone seeking a fully automatic Uzi will want one that can empty clip after clip in rapid succession. This particular airsoft gun can do just that and its compact size makes it a very versatile weapon.


The sleek black look of this weapon is impressive but its accuracy is even more impressive. Those looking for an automatic airsoft gun that does not miss easily will want to check out this particular army gun.


Clear weapons are not as popular as their more realistic looking counterparts. However, they do have their fans and this clear weapon will definitely draw attention from them.


You could consider his an oddball weapon due to its strange design but it seems to have many fans!

Photo of an airsoft electric uzi sub machine gun electric aeg all black, referred to the gangsta drive by gun.


Of course, there are many other Airsoft Uzis (electric and gas) out there on the airsoft market that come with great prices and even cooler features.

Really, no matter what airsoft Uzi you purchase, you will be getting a device that has much game play value!