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by Noah

I'm a man with a fairly small budget. After a couple of hours of online research, I purchased a CYMA MP5, the CYMA 0.41k PDW. For a $150 SMG, I was expecting a gun that shot BBs and would hit what you pointed it at. I ended up with quite a bit more than that.

It worked exceptionally well, at around 350 feet per second, a middle-of-the-road rate of fire, and with fairly tight groupings. I've dropped it twice: no result, other than a couple scratches. It's survived for a good two and a half years.

What impressed me the most, though, was the quality of the build: the polymer stock was firm but folded easily, and when shaken, didn't wobble or even creak.On the first glance, a friend in the service mistook it for the real Heckler and Koch weapon. Most of the gun is metal, with the exception of the foregrip and material near the trigger. After a couple of months of use, I even removed the orange tip and discovered a 14mm connector lug for attaching a suppressor. My only complaint is the tight fit of the battery into the gun.

I've considered the CYMA brand in much higher esteem since then. The PDW has weathered a fair few matches and is still holding strong, eliminating players with far more money invested in their P90s, M4s and AUGs. Next time I find another $150 to spend freely, I'll definitely buy from the same company.

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