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Buying Airsoft Guns from Ebay

Many buyers need assistance when choosing to purchase an airsoft gun on Ebay. There are so many to choose from and many of them have similar listings. Here is a list of the Do's and Don't's when buying an airsoft gun on Ebay.

Very important note to remember when you purchase a new airsoft gun on Ebay. Airsoft guns that are low priced, a high performance airsoft gun or the newest airsoft gun on the market is not the same as purchasing a new video game or a new car.

Ebay sellers have similar items and item description. Trust me, the features of the product and the quality of the product may be slightly different than what they describe it as. It depends on the seller you purchase your item (s) from.

Here are some recommended tips and tricks to assist you on making the best airsoft gun purchase on Ebay:

1. Airsoft sellers or any seller with a negative feedback rating or percentage, avoid at all costs. Even established sellers with a low feedback rating cannot be trusted.

The reasons for the low feedback: airsoft seller did not ship the product as fast as they promised, airsoft seller did not ship the product at all, airsoft seller is a scammer, products they have sold are of low quality, airsoft sellers do not leave feedback when a customer questions an item they want to purchase, the airsoft seller did not offer a refund back to the customer.

2. Avoid airsoft sellers who have their items listed as "private listing" especially when they have all of their items as private listings. This is commonly used when the airsoft seller does not want any type of transparency in their feedback. Which means, when the airsoft seller gets a negative feedback, the buyers will be unable to see which items received a negative feedback. You will not be able to see which items were left with negative feedback scores. The airsoft seller is trying to hide all the negative feedback and commentary which is an important part of any business operation.

3. Avoid all airsoft sellers who use the same exact descriptions and phrases on all of their airsoft guns. Doesn't matter the price range, $9.95 or $99.99 airsoft guns. Every airsoft gun description cannot be "this airsoft gun is the most efficient, want the ultimate airsoft gun, this one is for you!" or "this airsoft gun model rips apart all of your opponents piece by piece". These are red flags that the airsoft seller has no idea what they are talking about. Every single listing has the same description for every airsoft gun. Come on. Stay away from those airsoft sellers.

4. The golden rule of them all, airsoft sellers or any sellers that use one picture, small pictures and the coup de grace of no picture, time to be cautious. This means the airsoft seller is hiding something. Example, if you are on an online dating site and a man or woman you liked only had a small picture, one picture or no picture at all, would you trust them? Think about that when you see a airsoft listing on Ebay.

I hope these four steps help you when you decide to purchase an airsoft gun on Ebay. New buyers are usually the ones that get ripped off the most from bad sellers. These steps will definitely assist you when you finally make your first purchase!