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Electric Airsoft Guns

M4 3181 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle, M203 Spring Grenade Launcher, Two Stocks, FPS-300, Extra Magazin  

AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle, M203 Spring Grenade Launcher, Two Stocks, FPS-300, Extra Magazine - Click Here and Check it Out!  

When it comes to the subject of Airsoft guns, most people are familiar with the gas powered version of the device.

Specifically, a gas powered gun uses a canister of compressed air to propel the BB pellets in the Airsoft gun at large distances in a targeted velocity.

However, it is important to point out that while gas versions of these types of Airsoft guns are well known, they are actually not the most popular versions of the gun on the market. In actuality, it is the electric version of an Airsoft gun that is consistently a solid seller on the consumer market.

For those wondering what exactly an electric Airsoft gun is, it is a replica gun that uses a motor to propel the plastic BB's that are stored in its chamber. Through the use of gears and pistons, the electric Airsoft gun can effectively fire the pellets in an efficient manner.

Electric Classic Army M249 Paratrooper AEG FPS-420 Airsoft Gun W/ Box Magazine  

Additionally, these types of Airsoft guns are known for their ability to fire pellets rapidly giving the gun a more machine gun (semi-automatic style) effect. The rapid fire ability of the electric model is much quicker than the gas version and certainly much quicker than the spring loaded version.

Once again, this attribute of speed and rapid fire ability has made the electric Airsoft gun incredibly popular in the marketplace.

In terms of the performance of electric Airsoft guns, electric rifles have been known for shoot pellets upwards of 60 yards while the handgun version of the weapon can reach upwards of 40 yards. And, yes, these guns are also known for their accuracy which makes them perfect for all manner of Airsoft game play.

Of course, the selection of replica guns available in electric models also contributes to its popularity.

There are numerous military, police, and historical weapons sold in Airsoft replica format. This allows individuals that have wide varieties of taste and interest to purchase a multitude of different guns.

However, it would seem that the rapid fire ability of the electric version of the Airsoft gun contributes to the popularity of the machine gun replicas. After all, what would be the value of a machine gun that did not fire in a rapid manner?

The way Airsoft guns work is rather simple. The motor requires an obvious electrical power source in order to operate. This power source comes in the form of an Airsoft battery that is placed inside the gun.

A fully charged battery has the ability to proper power the weapon so that it can effectively operate. Of course, as the power in the Airsoft battery begins to diminish, the effectiveness of the Airsoft gun will as well.

For some, the notion of a battery powered weapon brings to mind the costs associated with replacing dead batteries. However, it is important to point out that the batteries need not be replaced when they lose their juice.

The batteries are specifically designed to be recharged once they are out of power. This is achieved through the use of a recharging device that either comes with a particular gun or battery purchase or through purchasing the item separately.

If the battery is damaged or lost, it will clearly need to be replaced. But, it should not be all that difficult to replace the battery since they are readily available through a variety of Airsoft gun dealers and distributors (like us!).

Electric Airsoft guns have a number of aspects to them that make them more appealing than other types of Airsoft guns to various customers.

For some, there is an aversion to using gas canisters to power the guns. Some may not like the idea of having to replace a gas canister every time it is emptied due to the purchasing costs involved.

Others simply will have an aversion to owning any canister of compressed gas due to fear of the aftermath if the canister is punctured.

photo of black mini airsoft electric gun Mini Electric Aug Airsoft Gun with Scope - Click Here and Check it Out!

Then, there will be those that simply do not want the hassle of installing the gas canisters.

With an electric Airsoft gun, once the battery is in place, the gun is good to go and will fire effectively until the battery needs to be recharged.

While spring guns are popular in certain circles, they are not exactly the most convenient. This is because the spring must be repeatedly cocked and loaded in order to project pellets at a reasonable distance.

With an electric gun, there is no need to cock or load a spring. This "ready to go" aspect of the gun makes it quite more attractive than a spring loaded gun.

In terms of accuracy and distance, all three models of Airsoft guns are known for their accuracy. However, when it comes to distance, an electric Airsoft gun can travel further than a spring loaded one but not as far as a gas canister gun.

Some may also bring up questions regarding the legalities of such a gun. In general, it is legal to own an Airsoft gun in the United States although there may be certain restrictions within certain states and localities regarding transport, licensing, and sales. However, the restrictions over ownership of an Airsoft gun are fairly non-existent.

It is extremely important to point out that just because an Airsoft gun is not a real firearm an individual has free reign to engage in mischievous behavior.

In fact, it is possible to be charged with a felony for brandishing an Airsoft gun in a manner that would be considered threatening.

Also, owning an Airsoft gun does not give anyone the right to discharge the weapon on private property without the owner’s consent. Not only would this be trespassing, the discharging of the gun could be considered an additionally crime.

And, of course, if you break something that you shoot at you could be held liable. The same goes for any injuries you might cause. So, always use good common sense when operating an electric Airsoft gun.

M4 3181 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle with M203 Spring Grenade Launcher Package Deal 

M4 3181 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle with M203 Spring Grenade Launcher Package Deal