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What is a Ghillie Kit?

When engaging in airsoft, being able to hide amongst the trees and bushes can give players an advantage that they might not have even known they needed.

Just as actual military strategy requires a certain degree of camouflage, airsoft play that simulates military strategy requires the ability to blend into one's surroundings as well.

Why Use a Ghillie Suit?

When playing a military simulation game with only a few players, it does not normally take too long for all players to be ‘tagged out' and the game ends. Ghillies allow players to blend in to their surroundings, making it harder to be recognized by the naked eye.

This can make it so that players can unknowingly walk right past an opponent in a good ghillie suit, allowing the play to last much longer than ever before.

Ghillie kits can be purchased from an airsoft accessories supplier, but it is not always the easiest route for many people. If a ghillie does not fit properly, is too heavy or too light or makes too much noise it can be difficult to use for its designated purpose. Many people choose to make their own ghillies, and ghillie kits can certainly simplify this endeavor.

Why Use a Ghillie Kit?

There are numerous reasons for a person to use a ghillie kit when looking to make their very own ghillie suit. First off, collecting the materials without the help of the kit can be both confusing and time consuming. It is not always the easiest thing to do, as different materials must often be collected from different places, and the cost can quickly add up.

With a ghillie kit players are able to create their very own ghillie suit with the materials that are provided to them. This is much easier for many people.

Another advantage of a ghillie kit is that there is very little creativity needed to put a suit together. The instructions included in the kit spell everything out clearly, so that even those who are not big on sewing and creating things can put together a ghillie suit.

Advantages of a Ghillie Kit

Ghillie kits have their advantages. Sure, one could create a ghillie without them, but the task would be much more daunting. With a kit, the instructions are there. There is no need to go out purchasing additional materials. One has the ability to customize aspects to their advantage, and the task is much less time consuming.

When playing on the airsoft field, you want the advantage - there is no doubt about that. Ghillie kits can give players the advantage they need by allowing them to build their very own suit geared specifically toward the terrain and game they are playing. It doesn't get much better than that!


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