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Airsoft Ghillies for Milsim and Skirmishing Games

Organized airsoft games are about strategy, technique, and having the right airsoft props and accessories to make the game truly amazing.

Grenades, bunkers, and replica airsoft guns make airsoft play truly fascinating, but it is accessories like airsoft ghillies that can make airsoft play even more challenging. This brings an element of strategy into the game, allowing players to hide and disguise themselves as no other airsoft accessory allows.

What are Airsoft Ghillies?

Airsoft ghillies are suits that are built for airsoft play. They are created to make a player blend into their surroundings, making them look as if they are part of the environment. Just as actual soldiers wear camouflage to help them blend into the earth, airsoft ghillies serve that very same purpose.

Airsoft ghillies come in many types. There are ponchos that simply drape over the body; there are whole bodysuits that cover the player from head to toe and there are separate pants and jackets!

Choosing an Airsoft Ghillie

When you are looking into different styles of airsoft ghillies for your next airsoft game, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. The weight of airsoft ghillies is very important, as players have to be able to jump up from a sitting, squatting or laying position.

Unless you are playing the role of a sniper, you must also be able to run around in an airsoft ghillies suit. Many manufacturers make special ghillie suits just for sniper cover.

What About Trenches?

Some players don't see the need for airsoft ghillies because they make use of bunkers and trenches in their gameplay. These are all well and fine, but trenches only allow a person to hide until their opponent gets up on them.

Airsoft ghillies suits come in all shapes and forms. There are ghillies that are designed to look like palm leaf cover. There are ghillies that are made to look like grass covering, and there are ghillies for players who want to go so far as to hide up in trees.

Best of all, they come in a variety of different colors. Players can choose from black, grey, brown, green, and olive and various shades of those colors.

Ghillie manufacturers also make rifle rags. Rifle rags are very much like ghillies suits for your rifle; they drape over the rifle and help to disguise it. What use is a good disguise if a player's rifle sticks out like a sore thumb?

Ghillies are not necessary, but they can enhance airsoft games by adding an element of surprise. While they might seem silly for casual play, such disguises are ideal for competitive airsoft play.