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How Can I Get Tactical Advantage in Airsoft Games?

by Brian H.
(NY, NY)

My friends and I play airsoft games at an airsoft field. We use two teams of 5 players each, and use the rule of elimination once you are hit with the bb's.

All my buddies use rifles and shotguns, but I only have and use an Airsoft pistol - Colt Double Eagle 90.

I typically get ambushed quickly and find it hard to avoid other players for a longer period of time - than it takes for me to get them!

How can I gain a tactical advantage without buying any new Airsoft rifles, shotguns, or supply equipment? Thank you!

Answer by Airsoft Gun Dome below:

Hi Brian and thanks for your question. :-) How can you gain a tactical advantage? Not easily in your situation.

You will want to do some reading on fieldcraft and camouflage – then practice putting it into use in the field. This won’t help you overnight, but in the longer term it should help you.

Make sure and suit your personal camouflage to the area in which you’re playing. You'll have to learn how to move quietly without giving yourself away to the others.

You don’t need much gear to support that gun, so keep your kit as light and simple as possible. Learn to use the terrain to your advantage – set up ambushes for your opponents in places where they won’t see you before you get your shot(s) in.

Once you get your shot get out of there before they can turn their better firepower to their advantage – a good position will have a fast exit route too.

With luck, they’ll still be so busy focusing on your old position that you’ll get a chance to take out another one of them.

As your choice of gun limits you to extremely short ranges and a low rate of fire (particularly if it’s a spring pistol), you’ll have difficulty dealing with more than one opponent at a time, especially at range.

Ideally you’d also need to get a better gun – if pistols are your thing, look at automatic pistols (either electric or gas) or even a small SMG such as the MP7.

Hope this helps!

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