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How do Airsoft Guns Work?

There have been many replica and prop guns produced over the years. The crudest form of these guns would be inexpensive plastic toy replicas.

Then, there are those guns that are specifically designed for stage and screen. These amazing props look totally realistic but they are completely incapable of fire real bullets.

There are also those unique replica guns that have the ability to actually fire projectiles. BB guns and paintball guns are among the most well known of these. However, there is another type of projectile weapons are Airsoft guns. These guns are commonly used for harmless target practice as well as for inclusion in any one of a number of combative sports games.

An Airsoft gun is designed to fire plastic BB pellets at ranges of upwards of 40 feet. These pellets are propelled by a gas canister that fits in a compartment of the gun. The variety of guns is fairly vast. There are all manner or pistols, revolvers, rifles, and even machine guns. While these Airsoft guns are relative safe, certain safety precautions should be followed to reduce potential injuries. These guns are not toys and they are not the real thing. So, consider them a member of a happy medium between the two.

The way you fire an Airsoft gun is no different than the way a real firearm is discharged. Of course, an Airsoft gun is not a real gun but it is designed exactly like the real thing. That means it comes with a trigger and markers on the gun designed for proper aiming. Yes, you can point and shoot the gun but this would not yield much accuracy. However, thanks to the design of the gun, it is possible to integrate the proper mechanics of marksmanship in order to maximize your accuracy with the guns.

It is also important necessary to point out there are different types of Airsoft guns. These guns include gas, electric, and spring operated Airsoft guns. The following is a brief overview of each individual gun:

There may be a little confusion regarding how gas canisters work to propel small plastic BB pellets such long distances. Really, it is simply a matter of basics physics and chemistry. Gas powered Airsoft guns are commonly called gas blowback guns and use what is known as Green Gas which is really HFC22 gas. The gas canister is inserted into a clip in the gun no different than common magazines found in real guns. While there are many differences among the multitudes of gun designs on the market, they will commonly load gas into the gun when you pull the trigger.

That is, when the trigger of the gun is pulled, gas will exist from the canister and propel the BB pellet. Since the gas is compressed in the canister, it will come out with great speed once the trigger is pressed. In fact, the BB pellet may be released from the chamber at several hundreds of feet per second. Airsoft guns that have been designed at a high level of quality will be able to fire the pellets as often as you pull the trigger. This is because the gas can escape from the canister in a reliable manner and it will definitely project the BB pellets in a consistently efficient manner.

Spring Airsoft guns propel their through cranking a spring that creates a compression of
air that can propel a BB pellet a surprising distance. The type of crank used and its placement will vary depending upon the style and type of gun used. If the gun is a revolver style, a slide lever will be used. If the gun is designed like a pistol, repeatedly pulling back on the guns hammer will load the air. For rifles, replica bolts and levers will be used to load the compressed air. Of course, pulling the trigger on the guns releases the compressed air which, in turn, will allow the BB pellets to go soaring in the air.

Electric Airsoft guns are actually more popular among the general public than the highly popular gas and spring guns. This is probably so because there are a number of excellent models of electric Airsoft guns on the market. However, it would seem that gas Airsoft guns are more popular among the avid enthusiast and collector's market. Perhaps the popularity of electric Airsoft guns has to do with the excellence that goes into manufacturing these guns and their ease of use. Most electric guns are produced in Japan and exported around the world. These guns contain a motor that can effectively discharge BB pellets with extreme efficiency. In terms of a power source, an electric battery is used to power the motor of this type of Airsoft gun. The battery is not discarded when it runs out of juice. Instead, it can be easily recharged for repeated use.

No matter what type of gun your purchase, it is always best to follow proper standards of safety when using or, for that matter, not using the gun. Avoid any and all acts of horseplay. Never point the gun at anyone unexpectedly and do not fire a weapon at anyone that is not wearing safety gear. And, of course, never conduct games or campaigns on any property that you lack proper permission to occupy.

In terms of the safety gear needed for non-hazardous play, helmets, chest protection, gloves, and eyewear all recommended. Stick with reliable manufacturers of these products as you always want the best in your safety gear. After all, it is this gear that prevents needless and avoidable injuries.

There are many different types of Airsoft guns on the market. The key is to find the right one for your needs and personal preferences. This will ensure that you will gain the most enjoyment out of your leisurely pursuits of Airsoft gaming. And, of course, selecting the right gun will increase your odds of coming out on top in any number of gaming environments and scenarios.