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How Do I Repair and Fix My Airsoft Guns? Is it hard to do?

by Mark-Alan
(Erie, PA)

"Is it easy to repair your Airsoft guns? Which guns in Airsoft are the easiest to repair by yourself? (such as rifles, pistol, revolver, aegs, or by brand, etc.

What are the basic problems that typically need repaired without having to take it/them to an Airsoft shop. Which ones should I never try to repair on my own."

Response From Airsoft Gun Dome:

Generally speaking working on airsoft guns isn’t massively difficult, but you do need a bit of technical ability and know-how.

The first rule of working on any gun is go slow and keep track of your parts. Photograph things as you go if you think you won’t remember how it goes back together. You'll find lots of takedown guides and videos online if you search about a bit.

Pistols are generally quite simple affairs and are easily stripped down and rebuilt. The same goes for most spring guns.

AEGs are much more complex and I really wouldn’t recommend that you open up a gearbox without knowing what to expect.

Once you know what you’re doing, gearboxes are simple affairs, but there are lots of pitfalls along the way. Automatic gas guns often have quite complex mechanisms and would be best left to someone with a bit of experience.

As for common problems, gas pistols tend to suffer from leaking seals or broken rocket valves – both are very easily fixed. AEGs can fail in many ways, the most common outside the gearbox would be hopup damage (usually a torn hop rubber) or wiring damage.

Hop units are very easily worked on and wiring is simple if you’re handy with a soldering iron. Other common failures would be inside the gearbox – broken tappet plates are common, as are stripped pistons and broken gears.

Those are all easy fixes, but without the technical knowledge to strip a gearbox and reassemble it properly, you’d be best to send it for repair.

Hope this helps you!

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