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How Do You Make Homemade Airsoft Guns?

by Taylor
(Ft. Worth, TX)

Hi thank you for this Q & A!

I am wondering - Is it possible to make homemade Airsoft Guns? If so, what kind and how?

Do you then just buy regular pellets from the store or can you also make pellets"

Answer by Airsoft Gun Dome below:

Hi, Taylor, thank you for your question.

It is possible, but airsoft guns aren’t simple things. Unless you have the skills and machinery to machine precision parts such as pistons, barrels etc you’d have to rely on buying the basic mechanism from somewhere.

What many people do is buy a donor gun with the kind of mechanism they want, strip its innards out and fit them into a gun of their own design.

As for the ammo, you’d have to use bought ammo. If you didn’t you’d have very little consistency in ammo size, shape or weight which would lead to a nightmare of misfires, jams and inaccuracy. Not fun, accckk!

Hope this helps you!
Shoot on!
Airsoft Dome Team

Comments for How Do You Make Homemade Airsoft Guns?

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re: Making a Home Made Airsofting Gun - The title is good, but not the answer
by: kyle

Ok so there is a slightly good homemade airsoft gun. just take a plastic click pen and take everything off it and end up with just the tube and I would recommend a green pen.

Then just take a small rubberband and cut it once. that take an eraser of a pencil(new eraser) and take a knife and put a slit on one end and put the end of the un-cut rubberband in the slit and trim some duct tape and tape it on so it wont fall off or out. Then take the end of the cut rubberband and duck tape it to the side on the pen tube.

You should than get a tube like slingshot. MAKE SURE AN AIRSOFT BB CAN FIT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE TUBE!!!!!!!!!! If it cant then it won't work!!!

Now take a few more(about 6) erasers (once again brand new erasers) and tape them together. You will than have a little stick of erasers. take that stick and suck tape it to the eraser on the rubber band. That way when you pull the rubber band back it will still be in the pen.

Then place 1 or even 5 BBs in the tube, pull the rubber band back, and let them fly! They might not go far but good idea or a last resort weapon, cqb or cqc backup weapon, or maybe even a primary weapon and play in your house but only shoot 1 BB at a time.

They might go at a max range of 50-80 feet depending on your rubberband. Hope it helped and worked!!!

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