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How To Start Up An Airsoft Club or Group

Are you thinking about starting your very own Airsoft Club but you're not quite sure where to start? No problem! I will be more than happy to assist you with some ideas.

There are lots of new Airsoft players out there who are looking to join clubs. Therefore, it should not be much of a problem to find people who would love the opportunity to be members of your club!

First, you will need to start advertising. There are countless ways that you can effectively do this. One quick and easy way is to send out either a group text message or a group email message to any of your friends and family members that you think might be interested in joining.

For those that are interested, you'll want to encourage them to spread the word(s) to others that they know who might not necessarily be part of your inner circle.

For about $5, you can print up about 100 or more flyers and place them at: local gyms, local miniature golfing areas, sports fields bulletin boards, rec centers, and so on. Anywhere you think that the athletic and/or strategic-minded typically hang out. :-)

Another great way to advertise would be to post a bulletin about wanting to set up an Airsoft group on either your Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and/or your MySpace pages. This way everyone on your friends' lists will see it, and it's very likely that you'll obtain at least a few new members this way.

And remember that Craigslist gets you in front of a huge audience! Cheap and free ads via "thrifty" newspapers and the like are also easy and free to post advertising.

How about a blog about Airsoft? Blogs are easy to set up, and in less than 5 minutes you could have a nice fresh account at say,, and begin writing about your fascination with Airsoft. Google and the other search engines LOVE blogs, find them pretty easily, and draw others to your writings and ravings online - on your new Airsoft blog!

You may also want to try writing an article about Airsoft, submitting it to your local newspaper folk. Reporters are always looking for new content, and you providing it to them is icing on their cake! At the end of the article, you can note that you are looking to start a club, leave your phone number, and watch the calls come in!

Even if you end up with a whole slew of people that are interested, it's probably best to start your team out fairly small. This is because the bigger your team is, the harder it can sometimes be to effectively communicate.

This is an area that can really make or break you as proper communication is vitally important when playing Airsoft.

One way to ensure your team's success is to come up with a training schedule and then stick with it. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Also, in order to have great teamwork, it's crucial to hang out with your teammates outside of playing Airsoft and not just during the practices and/or games. If you guys can get along great in the outside world, you'll be much more likely to work together as effective teammates.

Also, in order to avoid a lot of conflict, it's often best in the beginning not to assign anyone as the leader of your group. The reason for this is that jealousy and anger over this issue might arise. Therefore, this is best to do a little bit later on once your team has had a chance to become more well-established.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and I hope that you've found it to be helpful!


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