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How to Unjam An Airsoft Gun or Rifle

Airsoft is a game in which the players eliminate opponents by shooting each other with a compressed-air gun. The airsoft gun itself is powered by gas, a manual spring load, or a electrically powered gearbox.

When playing airsoft, every player will experience a jammed airsoft gun. There are various reasons why your airsoft gun is jammed.


Some common things to look for before unjamming your airsoft gun


Here are seven easy steps to unjam your air soft gun

  1. Immediately stop firing your airsoft gun. If you continue to fire your airsoft gun, the piston or gear can be broken.

  2. Check your barrel to see if any objects are clogged inside.

  3. Turn off your hop; Set your hop to zero. With the opposite end of a cleaning rod, insert it inside the barrel.

  4. Turn your airsoft gun upside down.

  5. Gently push the airsoft pellet back into the magazine.

  6. Test fire a couple of shots without ammo, when the airsoft pellet has cleared from the barrel.

  7. If the sound of your airsoft gun sounds fine, test fire with an airsoft pellet.

Please be sure to contact your local airsoft gun dealer if the problem continues!

If you have anymore problems with your airsoft gun:

You can buy a cleaning rod from various gun stores. Many of the jamming problems come from an unclean airsoft gun. Be sure to clean your airsoft gun regularly.

Poor maintenance could be a cause of your airsoft gun jamming. Cleaning it properly and consistently could enhance its performance.


How to clean an Airsoft Gun

For the Exterior of the Airsoft Gun

  1. Remove the battery or the power source.

  2. Wipe it off with a clean cloth.

  3. Use cotton swabs for the grit.

  4. You are finished.


Airsoft Magazine Maintenance

  1. Remove the magazine from the airsoft gun

  2. With a clean cloth, wipe down your airsoft gun.

  3. Use cotton swabs to clean the smaller areas.

  4. Add a few drops of oil.

  5. Insert magazine back into the airsoft gun

  6. You are finished!


Cleaning Your Airsoft Gun Barrel

  1. Turn off the airsoft gun's hop.

  2. Use a cleaning rod with a .22 cleaning patch

  3. Spray a small amount of silicon spray to the patch.

  4. Inside the barrel, insert your cleaning rod.

  5. Swab the inside of your airsoft gun.

  6. Remove the rod from the barrel, when you are done swabbing.

  7. Add a new, dry patch.

  8. With the cleaning patch, repeat steps 4 and 5.

  9. You are finished!


You now know how to unjam your Airsoft gun, so go out there and defeat the enemy!