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Introduction to Airsoft for Beginners

Airsoft can be a challenging world. Newer players don't always know what exactly to purchase or get the wrong types of equipment when they first experience airsoft.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started on your journey to the wonderful world of airsoft!

1. Tactical goggles or Paintball masks

Safety is the most important aspect of the game. Please do not play or attempt this game if you don't know how to properly protect your face and eyes!

Please avoid mesh airsoft masks, they can shatter and can damage your eyes.

You will also want other types of protection for your face.

Invest in a paintball mask that covers your entire face (i.e. a shemagh), especially in close quarters battle. Airsoft tactical goggles that are typically used for airsoft games including ESS, Wiley and Bolle.

The goggles will get foggy and there's no guarantee the goggles you purchase will be fog proof. This can be solved with ESS Turbocam fans or anti-fog wipes for your goggles. Getting shot around your facial area could cause serious damage. You have to be cautious at all times when you purchase masks and goggles.


2. A primary airsoft gun

For primary weaponry, it is recommended to order an automatic electric gun (AEG). They are made by Tokyo Marui.

Classic Army has more powerful airsoft guns but they are typically less reliable. Classic Army are trying to improve the quality of their guns.

Systema has very expensive airsoft guns. Other manufacturers are PTW, ICS, G&P, their airsoft guns at times contain suspect internals.

Some other high quality manufacturers are VFC, G&G and STAR, their airsoft guns are of very high quality. Lower quality airsoft guns that (if you can help it) should be wary when purchased are from manufacturers CYMA, JG, UTG (however, these guns may be satisfactory for learning Airsoft game play, when just starting out).

Gas pistols and gas sniper rifles should not be used as primary weapons if you are an airsoft beginner. Only use the standard weapons first and then you can move towards more advanced weaponry!


3. Accessories for Skirmish-Worthy AEG's

These are the recommended accessories for the primary AEG or airsoft gun. If you own an AEG, you will need one battery to power it.

When purchasing a battery such as a NiCad or NiMH, with the recommended voltage. 8.4v for TM weaponry, 9.6v for airsoft guns that shoot at velocities higher than 350. Make sure your battery fits your particular airsoft gun.

If you own a battery bag, crane stock, redimag or other forms of external storage, you don't have to worry if the battery will fit in your airsoft gun.

A charger is required for your battery. A peak detection charger is the best, since they have an automatic cut off. If you use gas powered airsoft gun, you will need an HC134A.


4. Purchasing Airsoft Gun Ammo; BBs

You will need to purchase BBs for your airsoft gun or AEG. Only purchase high quality BBs for high quality airsoft guns.

High quality BBs are sold by Excel, Airsoft Elite, Tokyo Marui and Stealth. You will need to purchase enough BBs to last a few airsoft games. You don't not want to run out of BBs during a skirmish!


5. Tactical Clothing


Depends on the location of the airsoft field, you should get two pairs of Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU's) or Army Combat Uniforms (ACU's).

BDU's can range from US woodland, 3-color desert BDU's, British DPM,etc.

ACU's come in an aqua, teal and green-colored camouflage. The ACU's are more comfortable but they can be harder to wash out.

LBV, LBE, Assault Vests, Chest Harnesses, etc

The amount of gear you can choose from is endless. Going to an army surplus is a good idea, they sell the gear there cheap!

These vests allow you to use other accessories such as extra magazines, communications devices (radios, walkie talkies, cameras...), flashlights, etc.

If you want the complete attire (LBV, two canteens, pistol belt, assault vest), it will cost about $50. Tactical vests such as Blackhawk Omega, are better purchased from American manufacturers - Tactical Tailor, Paraclete, Eagle Industries, etc.

Soldiers use these vests in the battlefield, if it protects them, it can surely protect you!

Footwear - Tactical

Combat boots are usually used in the field but you could also use tennis shoes. The boots I would recommend for BDU's are "jungle boots". They are tri-colored combat boots, usually in dark green, light green and black.

They are extremely comfortable! Jungle boots are also made for ACU's. The jungle boots for ACU's are tan and beige.

Other Types of Necessary Tactical Clothing Gear

Kevlars, hats, knee and elbow pads, gloves, balaclavas, ponchos, compasses, watches, flashlights, etc.


6. Additional Gear and Equipment

Airsoft Gun Magazines

One magazine won't be enough to last an entire airsoft game. Hicaps (high capacity) magazines are better, Midcaps (medium capacity) are not a bad choice either. If you are an airsoft beginner, get two spare hicaps.

The standard magazines are quite expensive. If you are a beginner and want a more realistic gameplay experience with airsoft, it would be best to invest in low-capacity magazines for airsoft guns. For AEG's, use standard magazines.

Proper Hydration Goods

You have to have proper hydration when you are playing airsoft. Whether it's a camelbak, canteen or a hydration carrier, if you are not hydrated, you will die! Plain and simple. You will not survive very long in airsoft.

Communication gear

Many airsoft players use FRS/GMRS radios. Communication is very vital to ensure you and your team survives in combat.

Extra/Spare Airsoft Guns:

You could always benefit from having a spare airsoft gun. If you are just beginning airsoft, just use a stock TM AEG. You can read more here about secondary Airsoft Guns!


Airsoft for the Beginner - All Set?!

In closing, when you shop for an airsoft gun or AEG, but can't decide on which on to purchase, get the one that looks and feels the coolest to you!

It's really all personal opinion, some people opinions vary, however in the end, it's you who is playing the airsoft game!

You will find that you'll most likely make the best choice of airsoft gun(s) for your personal use. Airsoft is very expensive but you can cut costs.

A standard outfit kit you can afford: AEG, hicap magazine, battery charger, and purchasing basic safety gear from an Army surplus.

Have fun experiencing airsoft! You will be addicted, if you are not already!

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