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Is It Legal to Own An Airsoft Gun in Chicago?

(Chicago, Illinois, US)

I live in Chicago, one of the toughest cities about gun laws. I really want to buy an airsoft gun, but I have a strange feeling that for some reason it is illegal to own an airsoft gun within the Chicago city limits. Is this true or not and am I safe to own an airsoft gun in my home. Thank You.

Response from AirsoftDome Team:

Hi there,

It’s my understanding that airsoft guns are completely banned within the boundaries of the City of Chicago.

Storing airsoft guns in your house (where it’s legal to do so) is perfectly safe, but you should always follow a few basic safety rules:

-Always store the gun unloaded.

-Never store the gun with batteries connected or mags gassed.

-Store guns away from any small children. Lock them up if necessary.

Hope this helps you,
AirsoftDome Team

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