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Is my Gun a Good Airsoft Starters Rifle?

by Daniel Haggerty
(New Zealand )

I've currently got a M40 Series G36. I've fired 1000 BeBe's through it so far, it hasn't broken and hasn't jammed. I think it shoot at 240 FPS. I'm not sure. But do you think it's a good starting gun?

Response from AirsoftDome Team:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for writing. It’s really impossibly to say from that description. There are many G36 airsoft guns on the market from many different manufacturers.

The quality ranges from the top of the market to the very bottom. I’d guess that if your gun is unbranded or firing at 240fps it’s probably a low end gun.

Is it a good starter gun?

Well that really depends on what your fellow players are using. If their guns are similar then it’ll do you nicely.

If, on the other hand, you’re playing on organised sites with regular players, it’s more than likely that their guns will be considerably better than that.

If you’re looking for a new entry level gun which will be on par with what gets used on most sites, then the Cyma AK47 series (from CM.028 onwards) is good, as are the Echo1 G36 variants.

Hope this helps you!

Shoot on,
AirsoftDome Team

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