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The Airsoft M4 Rifle Gun - Choosing the Best For You

Photo picture of an airsoft m4 rifle by Colt. All black in color, with an orange shooting tip.

Colt M4 Rifle with Tactical R.I.S. Airsoft Gun

Why an M4 Model?

Colt Firearms had, until recently, the exclusive contract with the United States government to provide the M4 family of weapons.

Adopted by the U.S. Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs, this type of gun is highly sought after by the air soft manufacturers who try and provide the most realistic replicas that the market can bear.

A shortened version of the popular Airsoft M16 rifle series, the Electric Airsoft M4 is pretty much only for the serious player.


How good can you go?

Airsoft JG Jing Gong M4-F Carbine Electric Airsoft Rifle

Jing Gong M4-F Carbine Electric Airsoft Rifle

Topping a $1700 price tag, the Systema M4A1 PTW Super Max Airsoft Gun has the undisputed level of realism in the industry with no dry firing and receiver field strips, simulating the real thing.

A planetary gearbox delivers smooth, reliable durability and the highly compacted output motor is constructed with space-age materials that leave maintenance to a bare minimum. Accuracy at 120 feet with adjustable hop-up, this gun has it all!


Less is not always a bad thing

There are amazingly realistic models available if you don't need to have the absolute best of the best. The UTS M4 Commando features an RAS system with no external battery box that can hold an 8.4 v, 4200mah type battery.

This semi/full automatic model has an effective range of 150 feet with a magazine capacity of 300 rounds at a lean 7.5 pounds. This is hard to believe since the internal parts consist of the same metal parts as a real steel rifle. The price range is between $300-400.

The ICS M4A1 Retractable Stock Olympic Arms Air soft Electric Gun is made of full metal construction, black finish. Considered the top brand made at the ICS Olympic Arms factory, precision balance and just the right weight, gives this gun a realistic feel and look.

Available in fixed rifle stock or the six position stock that is retractable, capacity is 450 rounds and comes with rechargeable battery. The price range is between $300-350.

Airsoft Rifle Jing Gong M4 CQB Electric Airsoft Rifle (F6624)

Jing Gong JG M4 CQB Electric Airsoft Rifle

Asia jumps on the bandwagon

Taiwan' G & G GR-16 CQB H Version 3 is gaining on air soft manufacturers with ball bearing spring guides and ball bearing bushings for added wear and tear.

Quality and reliability seem to be much more important than price in this game of tactical warfare and their version of the M4 is conforming to changes of their own.

The removable rear sight is metal with a full adjustable iron sight. The full metal body is complimented by a 6.04 tight bore barrel and adjustable hop-up. Priced under $300, this gun is a steal.

Depending on what type of application you are contemplating for your M4, will regulate how much quality you need.

For training purposes, the Systema M4A1 [photo below] is one of your best choices. For entertainment and games, any of the above mentioned air soft guns would make an excellent choice.

These are some of the highest recommended automatic soft air weapons on the market today.

Rising Popularity

The Marine's motto is "Every Marine a rifleman". For this reason, they are now being issued the M4A1 carbine instead of the M9 handgun. Following suit is the US Navy so there is no chance of this airsoft weapon losing popularity any time soon!

Photo picture of an Airsoft m4 called Systema Training Weapon M4A1 M4 A1, all black in color, with orange tip at the end of the barrel or muzzle

Airsoft M4 Rifle - Systema Training Weapon M4A1picture of an airsoft m4 systema rifle training weapon