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How to Clean an Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a game played where opponents shoot at each other with airsoft guns that shoot non-metallic pellets. The game should be played on an allocated airsoft field where there are no dangers.

On a field like this there will be features like walls, trenches, gates, and other obstacles that make the field resemble a real battle field.

Airsoft guns can be obtained in many places. Some areas have certain restrictions regarding age limit to purchase and specifications of guns, but other areas might not have any rules.

There are four main reasons why you would want to keep your Airsoft gun clean. These are for faster shooting, improved shooting, increased accuracy and it reduces jamming. All of these aspects will improve your game and make you a better player among your friends and anyone else you play with.

It is important for every airsoft fan and player to keep their gun clean. If you don't worry about cleaning and maintaining your gun, you can't complain when it doesn't last very long! ;-)

An airsoft gun is sort of like a pet. If you want to keep it you have to look after it. You should clean your gun after every game, and clean it properly. By cleaning your new gun you will also get to know the parts and what it looks like close up.

If you keep it clean it will shoot nicely for a long time and you shouldn't really have any unnecessary problems with it. Even if you bought it second hand you should clean it before you use it.

Cleaning the outside of the gun is easy. All you have to do is wipe it down with a non-abrasive cloth and for those hard to reach areas you can use cotton swabs.

In order to clean the magazine you will have to remove it and wipe it down like you did to the exterior of the gun. The moving parts should be lightly oiled and the magazine replaced.

When it comes to your Airsoft gun's barrel you will first switch off the hop-up system and then take a .22 cleaning patch and spray it with silicone. Take a rod and put the patch onto it, then insert the rod into the barrel of the gun, moving it in and out to clean the inside. The barrel should be swabbed at least four times. Once you have done that, replace the silicone patch with a dry one and dry the barrel.

If you don't have the equipment you need to clean your gun, know that there are many different air gun cleaning kits that you can get.

You should always have extra swabs when you are cleaning your gun. Make sure you have more than you think you will need.

Once your gun has been properly cleaned you should take a few practice shots before you go into a game. This is to determine if your shot is still the same or if you need to adjust it, because an airsoft gun normally shoots better after a good clean. Just to make sure that your shot is still the same, take a few shots in the empty yard!