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Me Trusty G36C!

by Daniel Haggerty
(New Zealand )

I've had my G36C for a few months now, it is a Double Eagle. It Fires at 230 FPS and packs-a-punch!

It did come with a L.A.M (Laser Aim Module) That didn't work, and a Red dot scope that is a little off, A (Short) Shoulder strap, and a Short AND Long muzzle. Which Isn't bad considering I only paid $45.00 For it!

I Think it's a good gun. It has a lot of power, it's accurate, and is great to hold, it feels like the real thing! It also has quite a bit of weight to it.

The magazine holds 21 BeBe's and it doesn't take long to fire them all. I was shooting my old Lynx Can, and after I Finished 3 Clips, it looked like a Golf ball with all it's dimples!

In the end I Rate this gun 8/10 for it superior Accuracy and Power, and the Bargain I got it For.

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