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MP5 Airsoft Guns - What are Airsoft M5's?

Electric GSG-5 R.I.S. MP5 FPS-365 Airsoft Gun

Electric GSG-5 R.I.S. MP5 FPS-365 Airsoft Gun

The Airsoft MP5 Gun Overview

The Airsoft M5 is a replica of the M5, which is a submachine gun that many Spec Ops units use right now.

How The M5's Work

Rather than using gunpowder like traditional firearms, these use things such as springs, gas, or electric. In other words, the Airsoft M5 functions as the typical airsoft gun.

The spring variants function like you'd expect, pulling back and releasing to eject the shell inside.

Gas, or C02, works by building up pressure within the chamber, and when released propels the shell out of the barrel.

Electric is much more efficient because it can be recharged and used over and over, and is much more efficient, allowing for faster release of the ammunition.

AEG Electric CYMA MP5 Sub Machine Gun FPS-330, Red Dot Airsoft Gun

AEG Electric CYMA MP5 Sub Machine Gun FPS-330, Red Dot Airsoft Gun


What are the Top 5 Best Airsoft M5 Submachine Guns?

Echo 1 USA M5 A4 Airsoft S.M.G. (Electric)

This model features a 68 round clip with accuracy of up to 120 feet; it's pretty hard to go wrong with a firearm like this!

AEG M5-S5 Automatic Electric Submachine Gun (Electric)

This model comes with a built-in silencer and rapid muzzle velocity. This is a perk because silencers are illegal on civilian weapons, but with Airsoft you can get away with just about "anything", where upgrading your gun is involved.

UHC MP5 SD3 Spring Airsoft SubMachine Gun

This Airsoft rifle is made of a plastic that is twice as thick as the traditional Airsoft plastic, making it durable and ideal for just about anyone. It also features an aluminum barrel that provides sniper like capabilities to the user.

Jing Gong M5-J SMG (Electric)

This one features a high torque motor, a battery charger, and a high velocity muzzle.

ICS M5 A4 AEG Airsoft Gun

The best part about this Airsoft SMG is that the entire body is metal, meaning it is highly unlikely that it will ever break.


MP5 Airsoft Guns - Costs

The Airsoft M5, while it hinges heavily on what manufacturer you purchase it from will usually run somewhere between $10-$300.


Are Airsoft M5's the Same as M4 Rifles? How are They Different?

Though their numeric designations are somewhat similar, the M5 bears absolutely no resemblance to the Airsoft M4. The only similarity might be that they use the same type of ammunition.

If you want something to compare the M4 to, then it would be much closer to the M16 Airsoft Gun. There is also the fact that the M4 has an extendable stock and when fitted with a scope can be a great recon weapon, whereas the M5 is better for assault.


What Types of Airsoft Games are These Used in?

The M5 is used in an Airsoft game called Special Forces, in which the Special Forces Team has to completely eliminate their enemy within five minutes or the game is forfeit.



There are many different brands of M5, and there are just as many reasons to use one. Whether it be for target practice, or for some sort of Airsoft game, you're certain to find one that you can use. The M5 however, is not a bad choice at all.

Airsoft M5's come in many shapes and sizes, and they are made by many different manufacturers around the world. Finding the one that's right for you, whether it be electric, gas, or spring should hopefully not be an issue!

Happy Airsofting!