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What is Tactical Navy Seals Gear and Equipment?

What is Tactical Equipment and its Purpose?

Military tactical equipment is used by all government branches of the armed services for tactical operations or in a survival environment, and worn by law enforcement agencies such as SWAT teams or DEA.

Meant for high speed action and low drag resistance, it is typically camouflage or protective gear and weaponry or tools for special operations, and it can include things such as:

Meant to keep hidden from the enemy, typically on operations of survival and ambush, it is the essentials for survival in harsh environments and all kinds of weather and climates.

Tactical Navy equipment may be more specialized for possible water and dive operations, where they may be on board a ship and have to dive or swim to another vessel to overtake it, such as in the case of rescue missions and pirate ship recoveries.

These types of operations may require synchronized dive watches, protective thermal dive suits and night vision dive masks, which are not something that other tactical equipment units might wear.


What Type of Tactical Equipment is Used in the Navy?

Navy seals are the Navy's elite force, and typically wear wool berets and headband bandanas for normal alert status but may wear helmets and knit watch caps during special operations.

They carry revolver knives with survival saws, needle-nose plier/swiss army combination knives, colored glowsticks, tactical striker flashlights that serve as a weapon, 3-day tactical backpacks with survival rations and multi-purpose storage bags or pouches.

Also, tactical harnesses, holsters, hydration, dive watches and helmets are a part of the Navy seal's tactical gear.


What each type of Navy Tactical Gear Equipment is used for - Head to Foot!

The typical pieces of tactical equipment have multiple purposes. The headgear may be a fleece watch cap of black with only the eyes being visible, or may consist of a helmet that has special compartments in back to hold small items.

A tactical vest has multiple compartments for survival items, and many things are contained in the molle backpack, including food rations and hydration, in case a mission takes a few days, or they are required to lay low during a failed mission until backup help can arrive.

A tactical belt can hold several different items for quick reaching, like knives, flashlight, gloves or entry tools. Depending on the mission, a wetsuit might be required, or a camo suit with tactical body armor. Temperate boots for all types of weather may be worn with wool or thermal socks and underwear.

Shoulder, chest or suspender harnesses may also be worn for quick movement along wires or ropes, especially in surprise attacks on ships. They may have to slide along cables through the Rainforest or climb up the side of an oil tanker.

Pro and Cons of Navy Tactical Gear

Navy tactical equipment can be heavy to wear, hard to figure out how to get on and hard to figure out how to use, for the 'regular' person.

When on special missions, Navy seals are required to be prepared, in case they have to survive for several days on what they have on their body.

In addition, they need to have as much protection as possible to survive, so the Navy seals are typically in top physical shape and are considered elite forces for this reason. They receive special training in uses of their tactical equipment, and the circumstances they may need it for.


Top 3 Manufacturers Who Sell Tactical Navy Equipment to the Non-Military Person'?

There are several manufacturers that sell to the general public, Blackhawk Tactical Gear is carried by several companies on the Internet, TAG, (Tactical Assault Gear) and Granite Tactical Gear are manufacturers that make tactical assault gear of different kinds.

You can find these brands of Navy Seals tactical gear sold on the several sites that sell to the public. Of course, there are sites that only sell to the government, but these will ask for user names and passwords, so you won't be able to see much on those sites.


Other Information on Tactical Equipment

Most individuals may not realize they have a use for Navy tactical equipment, but it has gained in popularity with the general public, especially every time the Navy seals have a special ops success, such as in the case of dealing with pirates, for example.

It increases the public's awareness of the tactical equipment, which is for sale on the Internet by the manufacturers. Much of the tactical equipment can have a use in camping, hunting, or remote hiking situations, as well, since it is meant for survival.

Often, backpackers and skiers may have a molle backpack with survival tools when skiing cross-country in avalanche prone areas and backpackers may have some of the tactical tools when mountain-climbing or hiking in remote backwoods country.

Tactical equipment often has multiple functions, for example, a knife needs to serve as a weapon and a tool. For this reason, there are many purposes that people have an interest in tactical Navy equipment, that is meant to serve several purposes including providing protection and comfort.

Some of the dive items, such as watches, suits, and masks are preferred by certain divers, especially those that do cold water dives in remote areas of the world.

Tactical Navy equipment is part of the uniform for Navy Seals and it is a true privilege for those that make it into this special branch of the Navy.

Through rigorous training and physical endurance exercises, they are prepared for survival of the fittest and their tactical Navy equipment is part of their survival success. And even cooler - most of this special tactical equipment can be bought by the us, the public, fairly easily!


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