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Playing Airsoft With The Kids Is Fun

by Michael Boyter
(Wasilla, Alaska)

Two of my boys shooting off a few rounds from the deck

Two of my boys shooting off a few rounds from the deck

My kids, in recent years, have loved playing Airsoft. They'd often wanted me to play Airsoft "wars" with them too. I think it was just because they wanted a bigger target! :)

We have 2 semi-wooded acres and it made for a great place to play. We'd usually divide up in teams and play a scenario similar to "Capture the Flag".

I usually held up pretty well. The kids always wanted to be on the move.

Me, I preferred to hide and camouflage my position and wait for opposing team members to unknowingly walk in my vicinity. Then I opened fire on the unsuspecting "enemy"!

It has been great fun.

Safety is very important. We found this out the hard way. Most all of the time, my kids would wear masks (eye protection). It wasn't hard to get them to do this, because the masks looked very "cool" to the kids.

But an 18 year old friend of theirs was out playing with them one evening, without a mask and he was hit in the eye with an Airsoft round. His eye got extremely red, of course, and we took him to the emergency room.

After a nice emergency room bill, along with several weeks, his eye returned to normal. He was lucky.

As the story went, the Airsoft round ricocheted off a car, but who knows what really happened, but this incident reinforced to importance of eye protection when playing with Airsoft guns.

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