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Please help me! I'm 15 and I Want to Play Airsoft Games

by Jer
(New Mexico)

HOW do I convince my parents to let me get an Airsoft Rifle for Christmas or my Birthday, as they are close. I am 15 years old. Thank you

Answer by Airsoft Gun Dome below:

Hiya Jer,

This is typically a difficult one I’m afraid. Firstly you can focus on the safety aspect.

Airsoft guns are specifically designed to be fired at people safely – providing proper eye protection is worn then you can’t do any great harm with one.

Take the pains to, show your parents that you’re responsible enough to have one by demonstrating that you understand (and will follow) the basic safety principles:

* Always wear eye protection (and face protection if you like your teeth to stay where they are!).

* Always treat the gun as if it’s loaded.

* Never point an airsoft gun at a person unless you intend to shoot them (and they’re wearing proper protection).

* Always unload your gun after a session of playing before returning to any safe area. Fire your gun without a mag to ensure that there’s no BBs left in the hop unit.

* Always store your gun unloaded and without any batteries or gas.

* Only ever play on private property (with the appropriate permission) and out of sight of the general public.

If you strictly apply those above safety principles then you won’t get hurt, hurt anyone else or wind up in trouble!

If that’s not enough for them, maybe offer to only use the gun under their supervision until they’re happy that you’re responsible enough to use it properly!

Hope this helps you!
Best of Luck!
Airsoft Dome Team

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