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The Pros and Cons of buying Cheap Airsoft Guns

Airsoft is a game played where opponents shoot at each other using airsoft guns, which shoot non-metallic pellets. The gun obviously plays a big role in your performance, so the gun you choose to play with is important.

For starters, you don't want to get a an airsoft gun that is too heavy for you to carry or hold up straight, so make sure you can handle the gun before you buy it!

Walk around the store with the gun for a few minutes to see if is alright for you to handle. You will be carrying the gun with you for long periods of time during a game, so make sure the gun is going to be fine for you to carry at all times.

You have many choices when it comes to airsoft guns, but they all fall under two separate categories; quality guns and cheap ones. The financial difference between the two is obvious, but what should you go for?

Is Buying Inexpensive Airsoft Guns the Way to Go?

If you don't have much money you will obviously want to buy the cheap airsoft gun(s), but please realize that it is not going to perform as well as a quality one would.

A $10 - $50 Airsoft gun may initially serve its purpose and allow you onto the airsoft field to have some fun with your friends, but you'd probably find it harder to complain when your buddies' quality guns shoot better than yours, which is likely going to be the case!

With low cost airsoft guns you will often find that - ack! - you do get what you pay for.

Typical complaints are:

The cheap gun (or guns) normally are as 'quality' as the minimal price paid. These typically do not last as long as a quality one will. Although the cheap ones might perform well enough for a short time - yikes, after that they get much worse.

Honestly, it is better to just invest a bit more money on a quality airsoft gun, instead of most likely wasting your hard-earned cash on a gun that isn't going to shoot as nicely. What's a worse kick in the financial pants is that you will probably need to buy another gun soon after!

By purchasing a great-quality airgun in the first place, you will have it for a much longer time and it should work excellently, for as long as you own it! You also won't have problems with the quality airsoft guns like you would with a cheap one.

Or, if you need one desperately and quick you can, of course, buy a cheap one so long while you are saving up some money to get a nice new one.

It shouldn't take you too long to save up and your cheap gun should hopefully last you through that time. Give it a life span of approximately four months and use that time to get some money together for a new one. :-)

(Keep your eyes open for our Airsoft contests here on the site and win cold hard cash to go towards your new airsoft gun!)

These cheap airsoft guns are selling at $10 - $50, while often not even lasting a few months. It would all depend where you buy the cheap gun from in order to determine its worth and quality.

For a good airsoft gun, you are looking at anywhere from $100 to $300, sometimes more. So a cheap gun would be in the average region of about $50.

Cheap airsoft guns can be bought, but believe me, it is definitely wiser to just wait until you have the money to afford a decent one.