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Question about Airsoft Grenades and Grenade Launchers

by Mike
(Pierre, SD)

"What are the best three Airsoft Grenade Launchers and why? Are these 'launchers' needed or can I just throw them like regular Airsoft Grenades? How do these really work? I was under the impression that they explode when they hit the ground. Can these spray pellets from the mid-air? Oh one more question, PLEASE, do airsoft smoke grenades shoot only smoke or do they shoot pellets and release smoke. Can you buy the smoke and is it dangerous. Thank you VERY much."

Response From Airsoft Gun Dome:

Airsoft grenade launchers don’t work like real launchers. The cheapest "launchers" are in fact just a spring shotgun in the shape of an M203 – they’re pretty much useless as attaching a spring gun to an AEG is a pointless exercise.

Then you have the proper grenade "launchers" such as M203, AG36, M79 etc. All launchers tend to do the same thing, and the only differences between the various models is style and quality.

These are much more like their real counterparts as you insert a 40mm shell loaded with gas and BBs. However the grenade itself isn’t launched from the launcher.

When you pull the trigger it releases a spray of BBs from the front of the launcher and you have to manually remove the spent grenade. They’re great in CQB for clearing rooms etc, but are of little use in open areas. The grenades themselves are far too heavy and expensive to be launched at another person.

The smoke grenades generally used for airsoft purposes are the same type of pyrotechnic smoke bombs used in paintball and other such games.

They’re single use pyros which emit a cloud of smoke – usually for about 60 seconds. They don’t shoot out any BBs and they’re not reusable.

Some particularly hardcore milsim events may allow the use of military screening smoke grenades but most sites don’t as they tend to be toxic and they emit too much smoke to be practical for airsoft purposes.

Hope this helps you!

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